Saturday, December 3

Today started off as a really bad day. To quote Darrelle, 'Some days, you just shouldn't get out of bed.' Today was one of those days.

Anyway, I have a retarded boyfriend. He's very utterly, amazingly retarded indeed.

It all started off at the IAC. He went there to collect his passport, & then they gave him this receipt that's very official looking. Well, it should be since it says, 'Official Receipt' but that's another thing altogether. SO! I asked him what he was going to do with it. & he looked at me quizically & I said, 'Whatcha gonna do? Give it to your mom or what? Eat it ah?' & he just decided to take my words literally & he started chewing the receipt. -_- I had to wrestle it from him.

& then, we were at Pastamania & he stuck this round blue sticker on my arm. So I stuck it on his forehead & he announced, 'I shall wear this for the rest of the day!' & he did for about...3 minutes. He tried looking nonchalantly out of Pastamania, but couldn't ignore the girl at the counter who was trying hard not to laugh. Then this girl appeared with his food, took a look at him & tried very hard to control her laughter so he hurriedly took it off.

& while we were going home, there was this cab in front of us. It was drizzling & the lady passenger stuck her head out of the window & he went, 'What's she doing?' & I replied, 'Probably feeling the rain'. He retorted, 'Stupid ah? She never bathe before ah?' Which is so not the point.

& the last retarded thing he did was when he wanted to change the channel on the car radio. The light caught his arm & the rain drops on the window reflected on his arm as well. I was half-asleep & he exclaimed happily, 'HEY LOOK! CHICKEN POX!' Obviously, I would jerk my head up & went, 'Huh? What? Where?' & there he was, looking so awed at the little black reflections on his arm. & then he looked at me, looked at his arm & said in a kiddy-ish tone, 'I'm a leopard!' I just burst out laughing coz' that was so random. & retarded of coz'. Too bad I couldn't record all that in time or his retardedness will be circulating the Net now.

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