Monday, January 30

Happy Lunar New Year everyone! Even to those who dread this time of the year, & to those who don't even celebrate it. It's still a long holiday (from school, but not technically from schoolwork), no?

I've been seeing my boyfriend almost everyday since he returned. Saw him on Friday when I took the train all the way to Changi Airport (TELL ME HOW SWEET I AM!) just so I can have the honour of picking him up from the airport. & my heart lifted when I saw him walking towards me. Heh. We had a cuddly day, of course.

But Saturday was spent apart from each other coz' I had to go back to my gran's place in Malaysia. & the whole day was spent staring at my phone (which has no auto-roam by the way), sitting on the mattress in the living room (which house has no sofa & coffee table in the living room, I ask you?), watching lousy CNY movies. Pretty damn miserable. & to top it off, a rather disastrous steamboat (with drunk uncles talking about whacking people at the top of their voices & deranged aunts walking around using plastic bags as gloves & playing with detergent bubbles).

But Sunday, I went visiting with Daryl (& his sister & her boyfriend) & it was quite fun. His family's a fun bunch, & it's weird coz' it's especially the adults who make it fun! His aunts are so funny! He came over to my place for dinner (eh, my own family's reunion dinner which includes HIM!) & it's steamboat again! But hell yeah, this is a much better steamboat with abalone. & proper space for everyone. & no flies. & no funny cheapo unidentified non-edible food. & no drunk uncles & deranged aunts. (Although my poor baby was falling asleep halfway through dinner coz' he was still suffering from jetlag. He starts feeling sleepy at 6 PM.)

& oh-er. Daryl drove me to Anita's place after dinner to get something. Thanks to Anita for saving my life with that 1 roll of TMAX 100! I was desperate! Thanks!

& it was a memorable first day of CNY for me & Daryl. :) I won't say much.

Carpark. Top floor. Backseat. Giggly. Ducking. Darling, I bet you woke right up. Heh.

Today, my amazing boyfriend earned a cool 50,000 brownie points from my parents. He showed incredible patience, & he's just so so sweet for sitting through 7 hours of boredom & humidity. It was utter boredom since even the TV was useless to keep us entertained. It couldn't pick up proper channels & we spent a short time watching the bunch of celebs speaking Cantonese. So my dear sweet boyfriend entertained me. We played silly hand games, & then I taught him how to play dai dee, & he performed some silly card trick on me. Just to while away the 6 hours at the place.

Another hour spent watching relatives (ones that I don't ever remember) play cards at another relative's place.

& an incredibly bad journey back. Through it all, patience & generosity & sweetness. What more can I ask for?!

Hmmm, maybe a boyfriend who can count. Heh. Lemme recall a conversation from Sunday.

(In the car, discussing the time difference between NZ & Singapore)
Him: NZ turns dark very late.

Me: Really? Then you sleep when it's still bright?

Him: No! By the time I sleep, it's very late already. Like around midnight.

Me: always call me at 5+ or 6, it's 10.30 or 11 in NZ only what!

Him: No lah! I sleep later than that!

Me: Huh? 5 hours time difference right? So if NZ is 5 hours faster, 5 + 5 = 10, no?

Him: No, you idiot. Tsk. Cannot count like that one!

Me: *incredulous* WHAT?! Then count like what? 5 hours time difference, you add how many hours? (& I went on in that direction for quite some time, after which I was overwhelmed with a bout of hysterical laughter coz' I knew he was wrong but he still insisted he was right)

Him: You cannot add like that one! You don't understand! Idiot!

Me: *still laughing loudly away* You then idiot! 5 hours faster! Of coz' add 5 hours to whatever time it is now in Singapore WHAT!

Him: *realising he's wrong* *silence while his mind tries to salvage whatever position he was in* No no no! That's not the point! Erm, the point is...

Me: HAH! YOU KNOW YOU'RE WRONG! AHAHAHAHA! What's 5 + 5, huh huh huh? QUICK! What's 5 + 5?

Him: *grumbles* I'm driving ok. Cannot concentrate.

Me: Excuses. You can't even do addition. What about multiplication? Tsk.

Him: I can ok?

Me: (proceeding to test him on squares & he got 2 x 2, 3 x 3 correct) What's 4 x 4?

Him: Uh, 24!

Me: ????!!!!

& today, my mom said, "Eh, yesterday you started feeling sleepy near 7 right. If you're in New Zealand, you'd be sleeping already right? What time there ah?" He stared at her, smiled paisehly & turned to me. I was like, "7 + 5!!! What is it?" & he continued staring at me, trying not to laugh. Goodness. It's 12! 12!

But it's ok. Even though he can't count, I still love him coz' he's so cute & funny. He'll just have to avoid being a banker.

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