Thursday, February 2

I have severe third-degree burns. Someone please get me an ambulance.

The sun played hide-&-seek today. Weather forecast predicted that there were going to be showers in many areas of Singapore but as we all know, the weatherman is one job that you can lie as much as you want in so we decided to head on to the beach anyway (that, & the fact that Sentosa was going to throw away our Islander cards if we didn't go claim them soon).

True enough, there were ominous dark clouds & Daryl was grumpy. He's always grumpy when there's no sun when we go to the beach.

But the sun decided to show up after all, to our delight. To mine actually, or I would have to deal with a grumpy boyfriend. But like a mischevious guest, the sun decided to wreck havoc. It became so unbearably scorching, I felt like I was all shrivelled up like a crisp.

So we didn't stay as long as we usually do. Prolly about 2 or 3 hours. But that was enough. I was burnt. My feet are burnt! Come on! That's crazy! (I spent the rest of the day going 'OWWW' whenever something rubbed against my skin, like even bedsheets. -_-)

I think the new tanning thingy that Daryl bought didn't work. I never got this burnt with the old tanning oil but this new one basically prepared me to be bbq kosher. Look! Yum yum. Why don't we smear some nice sauce on all these delicious looking meat? Oooh, look at the meat sizzle! Sizzle sizzle sizzle! Do you think they're cooked enough to eat?

& so, I didn't get a tan but I got an early decoration. Hey, Christmas came 10 months early for me! I'm such a bright, spanking happy red that I could be spotted from 2 miles away! I can even help you guys find stuff in the dark coz' I GLOW.

& to top it off, although my face is flushed pink, my nose is outstanding. It's in a glorious sunset red. Make-up can't even conceal it. Not the nose (why would I want to be noseless), but the redness. So yeah, I'll probably have to endure days of having 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer' follows me wherever I go. I deserve it though, since I love teasing red noses. & then after the humiliation, I have to go through the peeling stage where I walk around flaking & looking diseased.

I guess I'll have to find a way to relieve the pain & the redness (I look like a bloody lobster on 2 legs). Do you think jumping into a bathtub of ice is a good idea? Presuming that I don't die from hypothermia, of coz'. That aside, do you think it'll help?

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