Monday, January 9

It's official. My darling boyfriend is leaving tomorrow, 8.30 PM. He'll be flying miles & miles away from me, where the time difference is a horrifying 7 hours, where Middle Earth is, where the exercise has the highest number of casualties, where the camp is but a field camp...where it is called Anzac. Ok, it's not but he keeps calling it that. He's going away to New Zealand. :(

I haven't spent enough time with him yet! Don't take him away from me! Noooooooooooo!

Ok, although this is really the last overseas trip in his 1 year 9 months worth of army. We had India, which sucked because it chalked up a $1500 phone bill for him. Then we had Thailand, which sucked as well because it was 5 weeks & it was so miserable coz' I kept crying for him to come back.

I remember crying the day of his India trip because it was the first time he was going away so long without me, although it was only 2 & a half weeks. Then I remember bawling a day before the Thailand trip because it was 5 weeks & I thought I wouldn't survive it. I bawled so much, he cried along too coz' I was REALLY bawling with my face all scrunched up, my eyes screwed shut, my mouth in that trembly baby-crying position & my nose all red & running. I remember 'hijacking' (as his mom puts it) his bolster so I could hug his bolster & inhale his smell & fall asleep happily. I remember the excitement I felt when he came back from Thailand in the early morning. I went over to his place, let myself in & pounced on him while he was asleep in bed. I remember thinking that since we could get past that 5 weeks, we can get past this NZ trip!

But but but. Circumstances make it worse than the Thailand trip. Bloody field camp with no proper facilities. No bloody pre-paid cards! PHOOEY! So there I was, whining about how I would have no one to complain to, no one to calm me down when I panic, no one to cool me down when I get all riled up, no one to be there for me when I'm down...I kept complaining how no one would look at me with those puppy-dog eyes, no one to hug to sleep...& yes, I kept going on. He felt bad & squashed me & assured me everything's going to be fine. I know it will be but still! I can be grumpy, can't I? When they try to take my oxygen away from me. Sigh.

Baby, must write me everyday coz' we can't talk on the phone much! Must write ok? & I'll be here at the airport when you land, then must be drama like 'Love Actually'. Must run into my arms like we haven't seen each other in 5 years ok? Heh. Feeeeell the looovveeee! Take care of yourself when you're there! Bundle yourself up, protect yourself against the cold ok? Use lip balm, or your lips will hurt like hell. If the guys in the same tent as you feel needy, get the hell away from them alright? & if you're feeling down & depressed, remember that someone is thinking of you & waiting for you to come back so that she can spend the rest of her life with you. Remember that!

& if any sexy tally leggy blonde/brunette/red-haired chick tries to seduce my boyfriend, I'm going to come to NZ with a hunting knife. Yep, I'll be hunting you like I hunt ozzies. HAHAHAHAHA!

I love you wabbit. :) Many many many many many. I will NEVER EVER EVER EVER run away! Siao! Unless you become a transvestite, then maybe I'll run away lah! So what are the chances of you becoming one? None right? So there's ALSO no chance I'll run away. I'm sorry. You're stuck. Heh.

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