Wednesday, January 25


We're all sorely wrong. I did think that Jason Mraz isn't as popular here as any other place. BUT THIS IS JUST RIDICULOUS!

The tickets just released today! & guess what? At 9 BLOODY AM, the best we could get was Row L. Row L $88 tickets! That is crazy! I thought can at least guarantee front row seats! BUT NO! When I came back from school at 3PM, the box seats are ALL sold out. But lucky for me, Vidz helped me & Daryl to get the tickets first. If I get it on Saturday like I wanted to, they would have been all gone.

But why is he this popular? I thought he's so low-profile & everything? WHY IS HE THIS HOT-SELLING? It's not fair! I had visions of me & Vidz & Ayu (& my boyfriend) sitting in the front row, screaming our heads silly & singing along & bopping around trying to get Mraz to notice us.

But now, we're at Row L. & Ayu hasn't gotten tickets (due to circumstances) & she's really upset & worried & she's afraid that they all sell out before she gets them. I think she'll cry if she misses this performance. I know I will!

Ayu: Who are these people?!

Well, I don't know but I'll sure like to find out! WHO CAN BE A BIGGER MRAZ FAN THAN ME? I forbid this!

Me, SAMANTHA LIM, has all 4 albums (including live DVD). Me, SAMANTHA LIM reads his journal faithfully. Me, SAMANTHA LIM subscribes to his podcast. Me, SAMANTHA LIM is on his mailing list. Me, SAMANTHA LIM knows every song on his albums by heart. Me, SAMANTHA LIM, is saving up to buy Mraz T-shirts. Me, SAMANTHA LIM is the BIGGEST MRAZ FAN. (Ayu & Vidz come 2nd & 3rd coz' I'm the President of Mrazland).

I FORBID ANYONE TO BE A BIGGER MRAZ FAN THAN ME! I shall be this mad fella on rampage biting those in the front row seats (& to add to it, I shall tell them I have rabies)! BAH!

Footnote: At least Daryl is coming back on Friday to sayang me. Heh.

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