Tuesday, January 24

I am still INCREDIBLY excited about Jason Mraz arriving in March. I've never been this high nor excited about some random celebrity before (well, Raul was an exception & I didn't even chase him or what lor). I am so incredibly fidgety & the tickets go on sale tomorrow!

I have the same worries as Ayu. I'm afraid the tickets sell too fast.

I'm afraid that he has too many low-profile fans who all appear during this performance & it'll be so damn crowded.

But then again, I'm afraid it'll be too empty coz' I want him to like Singapore to come back again! At the same time, I don't want it to be so crowded coz' we (Ayu, Vidz & me) will be the craziest fans & I want him to remember us! GAH!

Oooh. So excited so excited so excited.

I'm listening to him & reading his journal entries & feeling terribly psyched about this. So many more days to wait though!

In conjunction with this historical event of Mraz coming to Singapore, I shall randomly post some Mraz quote. Here's today's:

So who am I? For ages I feel like I left that for you to decide, for readers to realize and get back to me with results, reviews, commentary, compliments and complaints. I feel like I forgot how to decide for myself. Thank goodness I’m figuring all this out again. It happened once and I flew without an airline ticket. Then I came down. I didn’t know where I was. So I started over again. I found love. I found my path. And I found it all in my Self.

Although I don't quite like the 'I found love' part, (damn you Tristan Prettyman!), it's still a rather sad paragraph. Yeah, I know I said 'quote of the day'. But that doesn't mean 'paragraph' doesn't tantamount to 'quote'. Now, don't pick on a hyper girl!

My boyfriend is coming back on Friday! Real the Movie is gonna release on 2nd Feb. Mraz is coming on 17th March.

It's all looking up! :D

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