Tuesday, January 24

I just WIPED OUT my entire post. What a be-a-u-tiful day! Blah blah blah.

Yes, as I was saying. I am depressed. Because my boyfriend's coming back on the 27th, which we gathered to be a Thursday (I don't know why, but I know he told me it's a Thursday & we continued making the same mistake).

So I actually made plans for Friday. Like going to Sentosa to pick up our long-overdued cards, going North Bridge Road to fix my digi cam (it's new & it can't focus!), & then maybe popping by my primary school for a while.

& then, I just realised that the 27th is a Friday. Yes, I just bloody realised it.

There goes all my plans! I'm bloody depressed coz' after 2 & a half weeks, I was looking forward to spending some proper time with him. But now, I may not be able to spend much time with him until after Chinese New Year. I mean, I'll see him for a while on Friday evening when I go pick him up from the airport. But Saturday & Sunday, I'll be in Malaysia & Monday & Tuesday are probably reserved for visiting as well.

What lousy timing! :( I'm quite down now.

& to top it off, I had a horrid dream a few days ago. Can't remember much of it. I remember it had Darrelle, lots of tears & lots of running. No no, I wasn't running away from Darrelle. I was crying & chasing after something she pointed out to me. Weird.

Sigh. Oh wells! At least Daryl's coming back in days I can count with 1 hand now. *tries cheering up*

Overheard in Singapore is a site which features funny quotes/conversations overheard in Singapore. You can pop by if you need a few laughs, & one of the soundbites is contributed by yours truly. Go figure. Lol.

& I shall go to bed now. Every night is a day closer to Friday.

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