Sunday, February 26

I finished the last paper in polytechnic. I handed in the last assignment.

I said goodbye to friends, many whom I'll never cross paths with again.

I felt strange. As if a chapter of my life has ended, and I'm waiting for the lead into the next chapter.

Went Bugis shopping with a group of friends later, & we walked, walked, walked & walked. Icon's terribly small. It's so teeny weeny itsy bitsy, I feel like I was in a life-sized barbie house.

Darling came down & we went Holland Vi to meet Ting. When I saw her with such a big group of friends, I went, 'Oh dear. I don't know any of them! (Save for a few whom I've met once or twice before) What am I doing here?' & Darling must have felt the same.

We went to Settler's & we ate (the food ain't fabulous) & we played. Pretty squashed for 15 people. We played games like Pictionary, The Game of Life, Manga Manga (some crazy card game), Guessture & this game called Snorta, which is the most amusing game I've ever played. (Moo, Meh, Hee-Haw, Squeak, AHHH!) I felt like I was in a violent farm, where there was just a lot of screeching. Lol.

Anyway, it was fun indeed. I think I've lost my voice from laughing too much. Heh. All the non-familiarity with them was forgotten, & all we did was point & each other & made funny animal sounds.

I'm sleepy & my dad & sis & brother-in-law & an ex-neighbour are all giggling over the mahjong table. I know it was a huge mistake to buy my dad a mahjong table & set on his birthday. -_-

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