Saturday, March 4

I slept in my boyfriend's arms for 2 nights. Gah. I could really get used to it. & we watched Munich (courtesy of his sister) & it's such a slow-moving & disturbing show that I don't think I can sit through that again. Watched Pink Panther & although it got really bad reviews & all, it is actually VERY funny.

My feet are crying now. They've suffered much in the past 2 days, being stuck in hot, smelly blades outside of Heeren for a total of 18 hours. & I had to look like I was enjoying myself, giving out brochures. But the bosses/supervisors are really nice, & it would have been fun if not for the pain. I had to bandage up my calves because the sides of the blades pressed down so much, I had big bruises. Skye & I made friends with a whole load of people...the Club Rainbow guys, the cute surveyor girls, the nice Tommy Hilfiger lady who was so sweet, & of coz', our colleague Melvin, whom I thought was Malay.

But there aren't just the nice ones, there're the weird ones as well.

I met a guy (probably middle-aged) who told me he was more interested in me than in the products. I froze up & had no idea what to say.

Then there was the 3 Japanese guys who thought I was Japanese & imitated blading motions.

There was the bus-driver who motioned to me whether I wanted to swap jobs with him.

There were the 2 middle-aged Chinese tourists who wanted to take photos with me but because of their very heavy accent, I couldn't understand them. I only understood when one of them gestured at his camera.

There were the weird Thai sailors, who wanted to take photos as well but didn't have the decency to ask. So one of them just stood next to me & posed for the camera.

There were the ones who asked for directions. To everywhere. Paragon, Scotts, Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Lucky Plaza, the nearest Citibank.

There was the butch who asked whether I needed help when I flailed wildly about to fall. The second time she passed me by, she pretended to push me.

There was the Malay guy who shook my hand & told me his name.

There was the bunch of guys who stared at Skye & me for the longest time. When I mean long, I mean close to 2 hours. & then one of the group came up to me, the other went up to Skye & gave us a bottle of cold orange juice each. Just a tap on the shoulder &, 'Scuse me miss, this is for you' & they disappeared. I was so shocked I grabbed it & didn't even say thanks. HAHA.

& there were my friends whom I haven't seen for some time. Alex, Benjamin. Saw Danial, Joshua, Valerie, Jasen, Linda, Dennis & Andre(w) as well.

& of coz', I have a wonderful boyfriend who came down & joined me for dinner on both days, & then accompanied me home on the bus. The one who carries my blades for me. The one who supports me when my feet start giving way. The one who puts up with my little squeals of pain. The one who bought me 3 rolls of bandage to last the next 3 work days. The one who piggy backed me from the bus-stop back home coz' my feet were smarting so much, I squealed whenever I put pressure on my right foot. :)

Don't have to work today! I'm gonna go laugh at Skye & Melvin later. Then it's off to the Career Fair at Suntec, & perhaps if time allows (& if Balaclava allows), I'll whisk on down to see Dennis & his band in action! Yay! I shall enjoy myself...before I go back to being in pain tomorrow.

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