Wednesday, February 22

I hope this whole NYP sex scandal is dying down. Because I don't want dirt slung at me for what I'm about to say.

Everyone should know by now about the poor girl (better known as Tammy) who got her handphone stolen & intimate clip(s) extracted & distributed over the world wide net (& they call it world wide for a reason).

First of all, I really don't know what the hooha is about. She's just a 17 year-old having sex with her boyfriend. Big fucking deal. Most of the teenagers nowadays do anyway. There's no use preaching about pre-marital because that's all been thrown out of the window as time passes.

But I don't understand. Why are people calling her a slut when she's not having a one-night stand with a stranger, nor is she participating in some kind of disgraceful mass orgy. She's having sex with her boyfriend for god's sake. What's so wrong about that?

Everyone is likening her to Paris Hilton. But they forget, that is in America. Paris Hilton has become an undeserving star, with a hit reality TV show, dozens of endorsements (Guess, Carl's Jr.) & even movies under her belt (what designer belt, we don't know. But definitely not a chastity belt. WAHAHAHA! Sorry, couldn't resist it). Her parents don't care about the fact that 200 million people have seen her naked & going at it. Her friends don't care. Her sister doesn't care. They're probably celebrating how that infamous sex tape has gotten her this famous.

But this is different. This is conservative Singapore. Small, & you'll probably have a friend's friend's friend who knows this victim. How is she ever gonna face the world again? This is humiliation to its extreme. Can you imagine what she's going through now? What her parents think of her? How she's gonna ever find for herself a good proper husband in the future when most of the guys in Singapore, & even other countries have probably already seen the video and are already wanking themselves to it? How's she gonna find a job when people recognise her as the girl who had a sex tape circulated? & all these people saying she deserves it, she's a slut, yada yada...are you guys trying to drive her to the end of her tether?

The only thing she did wrong was to make a video of the act. & in the first place, the video is a PERSONAL clip for her to keep & watch (probably when she gets the itch), & that is her own business. She never wished for her handphone to be stolen. She never wished to have the intimate clip(s) circulated & watched by millions. She never wished to have this scandal picked up by the newspapers.

Stop condemning the poor girl & give her a break already. She doesn't want all these. She's been made a reluctant porn star. I wouldn't even wish that on my worst enemy. (Goes to show how evil jealousy is, seeing that it was Tammy's rival who stole her phone & uploaded the clip, & apparently, she just uploaded another intimate clip from the stolen phone).

Footnote: Don't BOTHER asking me for the video clip. Distributing porn is illegal, you know?

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