Tuesday, February 21

*sniffs* I feel so loved.

After reading the previous entry, Ting & Andre were trying to cheer me up, helping me think of alternatives & solutions. My dearest Ting basically named all the solutions like, grants, scholarships, bonds, loans. Awww. Thanks sweetheart. I'll see you on Saturday hopefully! *hugs* & Andre readily gave me job lobangs. & also offered a whole list of solutions. You're my motivation, man. You put yourself through university! *kowtows* & we should meet up soon for your 'date' with Daryl. Lol.

& Pangpro offered a listening ear although I was moody & grumpy & upset & mono-syllable. LOL. Prrrrroooo. You different leh. You're the prrrooooo. I'm not leh. I'm a semi-prrrooooo. But I'll see how lah! & you're trying to psycho me to apply for SMU! HAHAHAHA!

& my lovely boyfriend tried to cheer me up. & oh oh oh! He gave me a rose on Saturday for no particular reason at all! Making up for the roseless Valentine's Day I think. But still, it was such a sweet gesture!

& I may take up that offer of my dad. He said, 'YOU MIGHT AS WELL NOT COME HOME AT ALL! STAY AWAY!' (in absolute no relevance to all his ranting earlier on. Beats me why he said that but it's actually quite a tempting offer.)

Of coz' I'm still upset at my selfish, mean ol' parents (& to think I really did explain to them that I applied first to see whether my results can get me a place & it doesn't necessarily mean that I have to accept their invitations) but at least now I feel slightly better because of those above-mentioned people.

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