Monday, February 20

My parents are damn fucked up lah.

What the fuck. My dad was scolding me for applying for local universities without consulting them. The thing is, I did. I told them the costs of going to Monash, or taking a Monash degree in Singapore. I did comparisons with them. & my mom said that they didn't have the means to put me through such an expensive education & that I should go local unis. I did tell her I probably wouldn't be able to make it since my results are mediocre at best & then she said I wouldn't know till I tried.

So I tried. I applied for NTU & NUS, & I did tell them that I had to pay for application fees & I had to send documents to the schools & all. SO I DID TELL THEM. & there they were, saying I didn't consult them. Of course I was angry coz' it wasn't the truth. I turned on my mom & said, 'YOU were the one who told me to try applying for local unis when I said I probably can't get in.' & she was like, 'Yeah, that may be the case but you are still inconsiderate to not have considered our financial situation.' !!! HELLO?! You don't say one thing & then turn around & stab me in the back ok?

& so I told them I had no time to wait for a nice sit-down discussion when the deadline is tomorrow & the next time applications open again, that could be a year later. So my dad said something so irrelevant. 'What do you mean you cannot even wait 1 year? Some people wait YEARS to go uni! So now you're being so inconsiderate! They wait till they're 25 or 26!' Okay. So now they're turning back on their word. I'm supposed to be like them, Work years & then put myself through uni. Fine. So be it. In that case, I'll work & earn enough to go uni then.

I don't understand it. They have enough to put my brother through uni (coz' my mom said so, coz' apparently, he's in Hwa Chong & he's SURE to go uni) so why can't they put me through uni first? Because by the time he needs to go uni, I would be in the workforce & putting the money back into his university funds. What is this? Bias? Great. So they have money to only put one through uni & that's my brother. How unselfish of them. For the greater good of us all. I'm insignificant. Not important. Doesn't matter if I have a degree or not. Doesn't matter if I do well in my career. Doesn't matter if I succeed in the future or not. Not their problem.

& now they're contradicting what they said. Just now, they said I didn't consult them when I was gonna apply for unis. Now, they're bringing it to how I always go out till so late, & don't talk to them about my 'dreams', my 'aspirations', what I intend to do, & I only talk to them when there's a need. What the hell. I talk to them more than my friends talk to their parents. I talk to them about what I do on my day out, I chat with them while watching tv. So they're saying I don't talk to them at all.

Fine. All they're trying to put across is that they're not going to put me through uni. At the most, I don't study lah! Fuck them all lah. I'll just go & work ok? Happy lah.

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