Saturday, March 18

Mosaic Music Festival @ Esplanade: I HEART THE GEEK IN THE PINK!

I'm utterly utterly delirious & ecstatic & high (so high I'm drinking milk to calm myself down)! I think what I'm going to write is not going to make sense. In fact, I think half of this blog entry is not going to make sense! But hell! I just need an outlet to rave! It's the first concert I've ever attended, same goes for Vidz as well, but my boyfriend attended some Kitaro (!!!) concert before.

Anyway... Jason Mraz was, ABSOLUTELY aMRAZing. They're both casual, the whole t-shirt & jeans thing, while Mraz was togged out in a cap. But the performance was TOP-NOTCH. It was everything I thought it'd be, or maybe it was even better than I imagined. Toca was funny, & he simply was a laughing Buddha. & he's a dead ringer for Stevie Wonder. I wonder whether anyone's ever told him that. & he told blonde jokes! HAHA! Jason was funny, & witty, & he was personable, & just very likeable. He & Toca have amazing chemistry, & they're just so wonderful to watch. I clapped, bopped, yelled, hooted & simply enjoyed it very much. (Enjoy is actually a very toned-down word for what I was doing)

In fact, people would have expected the concert hall to be filled with screaming girls but there were many guys as well. In fact, there were even middle-aged couples, & there was even a whole family seated next to Ayu & Hajar. Oooh, Ayu & I were arguing over whether acoustic was better than the whole band & she said acoustic coz' it's more intimate & personal & all & I agree but I would love to hear the whole band as well coz' it'll be such an electrifying performance (like in the DVD)! But I love this performance...although it was acoustic, it wasn't all mellow & sad like we would expect acoustic to be. He even managed to do 'Wordplay' & 'The Remedy'! Whoot!

& I know Daryl did enjoy himself as well, because he was laughing at all the little stints they did. I was so afraid he'd be bored & all.

& Vidz was basically...dazed. & she kept saying that it was so surreal watching Jason Mraz live. It was so surreal it hadn't sunk in properly for her. I mean, it went by so fast! We couldn't get enough! We wanted more! The audience clapped & whooted for like, 5 minutes after he went backstage & he finally came out for the encore. (There must have been at least 1000+ people there, seeing that it was full house). I'm still not used to having so many Mraz fans. I prefer the good ol' days when the Mraz fans I knew existed were about, 4?

He played quite a lot of songs not taken off his 2 official albums. He played 'After An Afternoon', '0% Interest', 'Rocketman', 'I'm Yours'...& the crowd didn't sing along as much. Probably coz' they only know the songs off the albums. These are the obscure songs that only the Mraz fanatics would know (you gotta check out his discography, & then find a way to get those songs). & his vocals are really amazing. His voice simply washed over the audience, all powerful & sincere. & he sounded sad when he mentioned his break-up & everyone went, 'Awww'. Like what Ayu said, it's sad to see him sad. He did love Tristan so much. :( Poor guy.

When they first came out, they did 'Plane' & this guy yelled from the back, 'Jason, I love your shows!' & I went, 'Whatchya talking about? This is his first show here!' But ok, he's really good! He sure knows how to entertain the audience with his sort of banter. He teased, & he performed.

They said they would do this every Friday night. They made up funny impromptu lyrics. They claimed that the concert hall was too grand & they had to go all 'Shakespearan' & Jason did this opera-style singing. They decided to make the audience sing this one line over & over again & claimed that it was the finale & we would be singing that one line for 1 & a half hour. They asked the girls to sing, they asked the guys to sing & they asked the transgenders to sing (& there was silence for a mo, & Toca broke out into the song). They mused that how sympathy (over Mraz's heartbreak) got in the crowd. They made fun of the girl who sent Mraz a big bag of junk food to his hotel room, & then called him at midnight asking whether he received them. They were simply fabulous, both banter & music. They were so fabulous, that after the whole concert was over, I heard this guy on 2 crutches (poor fella, 2 crutches & he still made his way to the concert) tell his friend, 'I think this is the best thing I've ever been to' & Vidz went, 'You betcha!' It makes me all happy when people appreciate his music!

I must say, the difference between the $90 & the $68 was minimal. Even though the $68 tickets weren't as near the front, they could still see everything damn clearly. But it doesn't matter coz' I must say the $90 was money well spent. He's worth all that money. & I spent another $70+ (I owe Vidz loads of money now) on the merchandise.

Anyway, I bought this:


I was searching for this so desperately but other than his 2 official albums, all his other CDs aren't available in Singapore. & he brought these in! So I bought it! Vidz got one too! WHOOT!

& I bought another copy of Mr. A-Z...autographed! I don't care that he didn't scribble his name in front of me. He touched that CD sleeve! AHHH! Lol. Ok, I'm not THAT crazy. But now, I have 2 copies of Mr. A-Z! Heh. Ok, I shall keep both. Since one is from my boyfriend, while the other is autographed. Since I love them both (I love my boyfriend more of coz' because he's so sweet & he's MINE!), I shall keep both! Vidz got herself 1 autographed copy too!

& I bought a Geek in the Pink shirt! YES! I'm a certified Geek now!

You gotta understand, that I bought it for $30! It's not available anywhere! You can only buy it from Mraz's online store, & it's US$20+ & by the time you add shipping & all, it'll probably cost a bomb & you might only receive it months after you've placed your order! So here I am, all happy coz' I paid $30 & immediately got a Geek shirt! By the way, there were SO many people wearing it! I didn't of coz'. Daryl would have freaked.

It's the mirror image, so yeah, the Geek is wrong way round.

Here you go! I'm a Geek & proud of it! Whootttt! Shirt's a little big but it's already the smallest size!

& I'm so glad that we got there early & managed to get our hands on the merchandise because when the concert was over, I saw TONS of people crowding round the little store (& the very harassed lady) & apparently, most of the stuff were out! No more Geek shirts, no more Jason Mraz Live at Java Joe's, no more autographed CDs! His popularity is escalating too fast!

Anyway, we're all damn happy still! Vidz is still so high! & Ayu is excited & she can't sleep! & I'm delirious & it's 2.22AM & I gotta wake at like, 9+ tomorrow coz' my boyfriend is picking me up at 11 tomorrow. We have loads of places to go tomorrow so we gotta make full use of time. But I bet I'll be a happy girl tomorrow...still mrazzed out! :P If only I can get to be in close proximity with him, shake his hand or something, & tell him how his music touches me so much, some of them make me cry. I don't even request for a picture, now that I have an autograph. But I would love to be upclose with him, chatting a little & all. My friend managed to do just that, at the press conference on Thursday. She did all that & still managed to get a peekture with him! IMAGINE! I would just die to be in her shoes! But oh wells! I'm happy enough with the concert so I shouldn't be so greedy, right? (Well, that's what I say now but yesterday, I was really quite upset! I think I'm just selfish coz' in my mind, if I don't get it & no one else gets it, I feel slightly better. If I don't get it & someone else does, I just feel envious & bitter & sour. That was how I felt yesterday. But she was so sorry about the whole thing, that silly. & Vidz was making me laugh too much anyway.) I heart Jason Mraz very much. As long as he continues to make music, I'll continue hearting him. Lol.

For those who missed the performance, you just gotta wait till he comes back again because he's really too brilliant to be missed!

Ok, I should really go to bed now & stop all this fluttering & jiggling about. Heh. I shall go & dig into my memory bank & recall most parts of the performance!

But before all that, I must say something to the love of my life:
Happy 20th Monthsary, love. You thought I've forgotten, have you? I haven't. You bring so much joy to my life, & I love you. I love you no matter what you do. I love you, because you're you.

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