Monday, April 3

I am extremely pissed off.

At my parents, what else?

This is utterly ridiculous. Bullshit ridiculous.

My parents expect me to pay EVERYTHING on my own now, & still set aside a lump sum to fund my own studies. WHAT THE FUCK. Do they think that I get like, $3000 a month + transport fee + meal vouchers? SERIOUSLY. What the bloody fuck.

Whatsmore, my company takes very long to process payments so there're usually dry periods where my bank account dwindles to a stunning $4. They're refusing to give me meal allowance or transport allowance. & my job is very instable. If there're projects, I work. If it's a good day, I earn. If it's a bad day, I don't. How much can I get from that?

& transport. My bloody concession is up & my card is gonna expire in April so I can't get the concession anymore. So that'll be about $100-$130 transport every month, & let's say $80 just for the meals at work. That's $200 & my dad still expects me to have A LOT leftover to save for my studies. Oopsy yes. I'll probably have $200 left. Yay. That helps! I shall not step out of the house, because I'll need to spend money! I shall become a hermit! Other than work, I shall hole myself up at home eating instant noodles.

& then my mom cna happily say that my sister could give her $200 every month from her then $800 pay (as a childcare teacher), while paying for her own transport & meals. Well, that could be because she took 10 minutes to walk to work, & meals were provided at the centre? She had $600 left to spend because you all didn't expect her to fund her own studies, did you? Although she managed to go to uni without spending a single cent of your money because she did so well, MOE put her through uni.

Ok lor. So your money can only put 1 child through uni. YAH LAH. Put my brother through uni ok? I shall work at some lam-cham place, starve & eat instant noodles.

Hello, if you're going to cut me off allowance like I'm an independent adult, treat me that way too in terms of freedom can? If you treat me like an adult, there wouldn't be any midnight curfews, nor would there be this rule that states I can't go out more than 4 times a week (& it has to be non-consecutively or mom'll nag about how I go out everyday). Nor would you guys disallow me to go on a short trip to Tioman with Daryl. Cut me off like an adult, treat me like one. For goodness's sake, I'm 19! I've got to be one of the few 19 year-olds left with a fucking curfew.

I'm absolutely seething. If not for my boyfriend, I'll be exploding at them now. At least my boyfriend is more than willing to yang wo when I'm really down to the last $4. At least he loves me enough to come down to my workplace in the pouring rain to accompany me on the bus home because he was afraid I'd be drenched. At least he cares enough to console me, trying to assure me that I can live with my parents cutting me off allowance.

I think I have a good mind to move in with him. It wouldn't make a difference to them, but it'll make a world of difference to me. Well, if I move in with him, they shouldn't mind coz' I'm not taking money from them anyway. & I wouldn't be contributing so much to the electricity bill, to the point that they threatened me to pay for the bill (which is ridiculous because she says that me being on the Internet every night raised the electricity bill from a usual $100 to $140, & she doesn't even allow us to switch on the air-conditioning. I think I might have used the air-conditioning a grand total of 4 times last year). That'd be grand wouldn't it? On top of my own transport & meals & other expenses (& the sum to be put aside for my studies), me paying for another $100+ bill would be just grand. Excellent.

Anyway, I'm so mad right now. I need my boyfriend to calm me down so I shall go talk to him.

At least he makes me happy. Sigh. The only person who does.

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