Friday, April 7

Gosh. Lost is starting to really scare me. Each episode seems darker, more intriguing & BLOODY scarier.

I just finished Season 2, Episode 17, & halfway through it, I was so freaked out I had to pause it & recompose myself, let my thoughts wander a little first (so I surfed the net aimlessly for about 5 minutes) before going back to it. Even then, my heart was in my throat & I was getting all these chills & tingles. & I always have this instinct to look over my shoulder whenever I'm watching Lost.

J.J. Abrams is too good a writer. & please, somebody remind him this is a thriller, not a horror series.

No matter, no matter!

Sorry, couldn't resist. Pre-Mraz madness! Relinquish that day, I can't!

My boyfriend is as stubborn as an ox. Today, this truck went by, & it was carrying 2 rows of cars. He said confidently, 'Both of them *points at the last 2 cars above & below* are Toyota Camrys!' & then we went past & I was like, 'The one above is an Altis, love'. & he gave me that 'why-are-you-so-stupid' look & said, 'WAH LAU! I know cars better ok? Want to bet or not?'

& then when the truck did indeed pass by again, I could see his face change & he immediately tried to divert my attention, pointing to random pointless things. Well, of coz' I was gloating! I went, 'HAH! WHAT DID I TELL YOU? & you're supposed to be the car expert! PHOOEY! HAHAHA!' & then he would go, 'Because of this, because of that, it's not fair, you're a cheater, hey, look at that! It's a nice Evo! Hey, look at that! It's good food! LOOK! Leaf by the road!' Still trying to make me forget about him losing. He's quite a bad sport. Lol.

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