Tuesday, April 11

Oh my oh my oh my!

I'll be starting work today with Jamie Choon Hui Ping & Serene Teo Li Tian!

This is so unreal. It'll be like Secondary 1 & 2 all over again! HAHAHAHAHA! Wah lau. 3/4 of the Crickets! & Jam, I didn't name us the Crickets! It just so happened that someone else thought we said 'Cricket' when we talking about Adam Rickitt!

This is going to be so funny crazy. I haven't talked/seen them since forever & I'm going to be working with them & all I can think about is us sitting one row at the back of the class annoying Mr. Bo by bursting out in laughter every 5 minutes, making him think that there was something wrong with him! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! & Jamie trying to sell her brother for 50 cents. I shall ask whether his price value is still the same after all these years! & going to her house, playing Worms & avoiding her animals. (She had loads of pets).

& oh, this job involves another telephone & it's to irritate people as well. It's funny, how I always end up with this! But it's temporary & it'll be quite fun!

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