Thursday, April 20

I am a very trusting girlfriend.

I encourage him to go out with his gal pals, happily tell him to 'have fun' when he meets up with his ex-girlfriend, push him to go to a stripclub in New Zealand when he hesitated & even allowed him to go to Geylang with his army friends (even if it was only for supper, because his friend apparently went looking for 'company' while they all waited).

Very trusting hor?

*clears throat significantly* Bah. I hope I can say the same for you!

On another note, he has finished his course & that means he can start clearing his leave & offs! WAHAHA! That means he has ORDed in a way, only heading back for the random duties. I'll be seeing so much more of him.

& because he's wonderful (or trying to prove so), he's going to wake up early early to drive me to work! Awwww. That gives me an hour of extra sleep! So sweet right?

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