Saturday, April 15

Work hasn't been a bundle of fun for me because the boss isolated me from the rest & put me in the main hall, with the project manager sitting right next to me. Fortunately though, they're all very nice, although it is indeed pressurising to have someone breathing down your neck & eavesdropping on your phone conversations.

But still, lunch is always a cheery affair with the group of them. :)

Had dinner with Daryl's brudders & their girlfriends, namely, Ian & Tammy (not that Tammy, you dirty bastards!), Kian Gap & Hui Sia at Fish & Co. Usually, Daryl & I can walk around town the entire day on a Saturday & not bump into anyone we know. But today, after alighting & crossing the road to Fish & Co, I saw familiar face going past Daryl. Justin! Too bad we only had a second to wave hello before the traffic moves on, & we die, horrible mangled deaths.

Entered Fish & Co. & who do I see? Aloysius & his girlfriend, Clarissa whom I finally meet! :) I've heard much about her, even before they got together & now, after so long, I finally get to see her! Again, too bad I can't sit down & catch up with him. These are people I need to catch up with, along with many others. Gah. So many people, so little time!

& I have concluded, fish doesn't suit my stomach at all. First bites are always fine, but subsequently, my stomach will reject the fish & I'll either feel bloated, or pukish. & trust me, both feelings are not fun to deal with.

Had an embarassing situation when Aloy & Clarissa waved bye to us while I was oblivious, making kissy faces at Daryl (I was ANNOYING him because he said I was stupid so I kept making kissy sounds), & Daryl didn't help because he kept mumbling even though he was pointing at them, trying to get me to turn. I thought he wanted me to get the waiter for more water coz' I commented I might need more water (in case I can't tolerate the sambal). In the end, when I did finally turn, Aloy & his girlfriend were laughing at me & all. & he replied with a, 'Can't get enough of your boyfriend eh?' when I texted him saying I was sorry for not noticing them. -_- Very embarassing ok.

Do guys always army talk when they get together? I was a little tuned out during their conversations because us girls couldn't understand a single thing at all!

I love annoying my boyfriend. He's so adorable & fun to annoy. He beat me to lying down in the car, & while he was lying on my lap, I figured, since I didn't get to get a shut-eye, he wouldn't too! I gave him wet willies, stuck my finger into his mouth randomly, stuck saliva-wet fingers up his nose, used my tummy to bounce him off, & peered at him from a range of 1 inch away so he couldn't sleep. It was all very funny to me. I was a little crazy. But he's so cute! HAHAHA! He would go, "Eargh! *rolls over*"

Ok, I'm tired! The job has deprived me of all social life! It takes me 1 & a half hour to get there, & 1 & a half hour to get home & honestly, by the time I reach home, all I want is a nice warm shower & dinner & off to bed I go! BAH! If it's not for the moneeeyyyy...

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