Tuesday, May 2

I had such a lovely day yesterday.

I was dressed for town (because we were supposed to go window shopping for the whole day) but in the end, we had a wonderful stay-in day.

We had lunch at Serangoon with his family & his sister's boyfriend as well.

Then we went back, & had about 4 rounds of couple death matches on Worms Armaggedon with Amelyn & her boyfriend. (Daryl & I won all rounds!)

& then all 4 of us cabbed down to town & had an extremely delicious dinner at his parents' restaurant (Shabu shabu, wagyu beef, the noodles, chawanmushi, DELICIOUS porridge), & then we cabbed back to his place where we rounded off the evening with daidee & BlackJack (his sister lost quite a lot of money).

It was funny, amusing & entertaining. I felt so contented staying in like this. :)

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