Thursday, May 11

Whoot. Saturday was fun singing at Kbox with the Gang of Short Ones (Skye, Valerie, YY & Mandy)! We're absolutely crazy. I'mma post the peektures tomorrow, & the videos (if I manage to avoid the death threats from all of them).

Today was pretty good as well! I had lunch at Jack's Place with my sister, where we talked about air stewardesses to Lost to schools to our brother. LOL. & then I met Daryl & Desmond in town, & we did a lot of walking in my IRRITATING KILLER Mary Janes (& my feet are covered with plasters). Saw Maybelline who was gonna meet Jaslyn & Joy & Angela. Ooh! All my Sec 2 classmates so I popped down to Cafe Cartel to wish Joy Happy Birthday.

& then my iPod came down with measles. :( I think it wouldn't look that ugly if those stupid irritating people peel off the wheel sticker first. Cannot peel off also never call me & tell me first! I would have used something sharp to pry it off. Now it just looks strange. & it costs me $38. The only plus side is that I don't see or feel the micro-scratches anymore, & it also wouldn't scratch easily now.

& I think I have a damn crazy body. I have to apply like 4 creams at night. One for my bloody swollen ear, one for my disgusting peeling (balding, red, raw) ring finger, one for the corners of my mouth (it's called a HYDRATING cream coz' the corners keep peeling because they're...dehydrated), & one for the bloody damn zits that don't go away. As if the milia isn't bad enough. Thanks a lot. Phooey.

I shall ignore all the rubbish my dysfunctional body is throwing my way & enjoy myself cycling & going crazy with my boyfriend & the Gang of the Short Ones on Friday. :) Toodles!

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