Monday, May 29

I stayed over at my baby's place for 2 nights & I loved every moment of it! It's just so contenting to be able to do family like stuff with him. Just cuddling up to watch Prison Break, playing The Movies, having lunch & watching a movie (X-Men: The Last Stand) with his family, playing dai dee & laughing heartily with them...& of coz', being able to sleep soundly with my darling. At least he didn't fling me off him this time round. :) Although he might just jerk his arm or leg suddenly in his sleep & I would wake up & stare at him. LOL. & my darling went to drive Desmond to his camp early Sunday morning, & came home to bed with me. It's like. I like.

Anyway! X-Men was goooooooood. I think the only problem is, too many mutants, too little screen time. I had this strange desire to watch a display of ALL mutant powers, including those of the extras. That'd be so cool.

Kitty Pryde is how cute?! Of coz', I would do a Bobby & show more interest in her than Rogue. :)

Of coz', Bobby himself is cute but he has some sort of a funny nose.

Ok, is it just me or do Tom Felton & Ben Foster look uncannily alike? Ben Foster looks like Tom Felton's older brother!

I think Callisto's pretty damn hot!

But of coz', none can be as hot as Rebecca Romjin aka Mystique. Whhhooooaaaa. (Ok, so you can see a nipple. Grow up already! Heh.)

I heard that they're not gonna do any more X-Men movies (thus the title) but there're going to be spin-offs. There's a Magneto movie in the wraps, a Wolverine's & also, a Mystique movie is in the talks. It'll be interesting to add in some Marvel characters we haven't seen on screen as of yet. People like the Scarlet Witch, White Queen, & Sabretooth would be cool. & perhaps, even Apocalypse! Or should I say, what I want to see is Cyclops merging with Apocalypse!

Anyways! We celebrated Vidz's birthday 2 weeks ago at Manhattan Fish Market & it was great fun with them! :) But I don't have any peektures. I'll upload them when I get my hands on Clara's peeks. Heh.

Met Vidz, Tiffy, Clara & Tun & went back to Crescent on a Tuesday, hoping to be able to have the Thai Mee Siam there. But only me & Vidz were on time & by the time we got to the canteen, no more Thai Mee Siam. :( But the chicken rice & the soup is great as well! We ate like cows.

& oooh. Something really funny happened. While Vidz & I were walking around waiting for the rest to arrive, the fire alarm sounded. & there we were, frozen along the corridors while the classes bustled out. I stood there mortified. Vidz suggested we run away & we turned to the gates only to see security closing & locking them. & this teacher came out & informed us that we had to join the fire drill. HORROR OF ALL HORRORS! How wonderfully embarrassing. While the entire school stands there in the hot sun taking attendance, these 2 outsiders dressed in jeans & tees have to join them? & to face the principal? What a terrible prospect! We showed our face & quickly went to the gates waiting for them to open again. It was...utterly...embarrassing.

Here you go, back to my alma mater!

Because my collage is ugly, here's Tiffy's. :)

My school has...barbeque pits. Smacked in the middle of the 2 class blocks.

Time capsule! COOL! I wonder how many principals they've placed in there.

The very...freaky...ballerina. With the very...freaky...story behind it. *shudders*

I was watching So You Think You Can Dance just now & 2 of my favourites left. They were the 2 from the bottom 4 I was hoping would stay. :( Damn. But oh wells, I liked Ryan (WAH LAU! He dances so fantabulously on his elbows can?) & he left as well.

It was between Ashle & Melissa.

I like Ashle but I like Melissa much more. Her whole hip hop routine was damn cute.

Same goes for the guys. It was between Jamile & Artem.

I like Jamile's popping but Artem is a ballroom dancer! Look at the way he moves! Like fluid like that! Damn professional.

But both of my favourites left! :( The only ones I like left are Melody & Nick.

Ok, I'm going to watch Da Vinci Code with my baby & his sister & her boyfriend tomorrow! At...GV Gold Class! MUAHAHAHA! How very atas! Plush couches, with waiters serving us fine food. LIFE!

& life is good at the moment. I've got my dream job. :) So far, so good!

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