Wednesday, May 31

Yesterday was a FABULOUS day. I felt like a queen.

Darling picked me up & we went over to his place, where we joined his sister & took a cab to PS to meet Ewan (sister's boyfriend). & then we had yummy lunch at Ichiban, & accompanied his sister to MDIS to settle some stuff.

After that, we took a cab to Great World City for our show. & WOW! GOLD CLASS indeed! The entire theatre consists of only 30 seats. & the plush blue chairs are in pairs, with a little tabletop between to place your drinks. & there I was, watching Da Vinci Code in a comfortable reclined arm chair, with my feet propped up on the feet rest, a comfortable GV blanket over me, drinking the hot chocolate that the waiter served. It was absolutely wonderful. The show was horrendously draggy & boring though. It's too much information packed into a movie. Obviously, the book is better but the whole experience in Gold Class is just fantastic.

Cabbed down back to town, where his sister & Ewan went to Party World first (we were supposed to join them but Daryl wanted to buy a wallet). We walked to Orchard Point & his mom, godmom & uncle came & we all tried choosing a wallet for him. In the end, his mom forked out $106 for his Braun Buffel wallet. & she insisted (she really did!) on getting me a wallet too! Even though my wallet is still damn new (like, only 2 or 3 months old), she got me a very classy looking green & beige Pierre Cardin.

So we happily (not so on Daryl's part) went down to Party World to join his sister & Ewan. It was Daryl's virgin KTV trip ok? & he adamantly refused to sing. We practically had to force him. Even then, he only obliged with a lot of mumbling.

We rounded off the day with supper with his parents & I went home happy. I had a great day, & I didn't even spend a single cent on my great day (though I feel bad about it)!

But oh, that was when I realised something this morning. I forgot to take the $20 from the ATM yesterday when I went to withdraw money. How very smart. So the person who found $20 sticking out of the ATM at Heeren must be very lucky indeed.

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