Wednesday, May 31

I just got done watching Singapore Idol.

A few thoughts: Half of the guys really can't sing. They sound so gentle, so weak.

Terence Tay's not bad-looking, & he really looked as though he was enjoying himself. But he went & choose the cheesiest song ever.

Levin's voice isn't too bad, but he looked so horribly uncomfortable on stage. I was telling my brother how he kept blinking & grimacing when the camera zooms into his face.

Paul Twohill is SO damn funny! He should get through! Everytime he flips those hair, I burst out laughing. Even my dad & my brother like him coz' he just has this thing called 'ren yuan'. Where people JUST like him, coz' he's likeable.

Norman has a rather nice voice. But he looks a bit like an ah beng.

Jonathan is good, of coz'. & charismatic. But then again, the judges just seem to love him to the point of being ridiculous. It's a little unfair since he fronts his band, & they do gigs & all so of coz', he'll seem much more seasoned & professional. I want him to get through as well but all I can say is, the judges seem too biased.

Ok, & that's all! I start work tomorrow morning so am all nervy now!

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