Sunday, June 4

My boyfriend wrote the sweetest blog entry. :) I love you too, silly. Still, as much as ever.

& he got me this book:

last Tuesday. He tried to surprise me with it but being me, I spoilt it by insisting on following him to Taka. So he trooped very unreluctantly into Kino & bought it, telling me how it was meant to be a surprise since I wanted it. It's a staggering $47 for a picture book! But it's so interesting, I can read it again & again & again.

If you don't already know by know, this book is a compilation of some of the best secrets from Go on, write in a secret!

Anyway, my baby has officially ORDed. His ORD date was yesterday but since it was Saturday, he's going back to camp to retrieve his pink IC tomorrow. The pink IC he hasn't seen for almost 2 years. :) The card to freedom again.

& I'll be studying at MDIS with him this coming October. It's all great going for us!

& my job is fantastic! I LOVE MY JOB! It's the most fascinating job, especially for nosey people like me. :) Back to work tomorrow, & this is the first time I'm happy to be going back to work! Yay!

(& my boyfriend found a good paying job at Starhub & he starts on Tuesday. Financially, it's looking good for us.)

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