Friday, June 9

While World Cup fever has hit the real world, my little virtual world has been hit by something of a similar fashion. The Altador Cup (which is undoubtedly a mini-version of the World Cup)! It kicked off today, the same day the World Cup kicks off.

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Yup. I'm talking about my little (not very little, actually) virtual community - Neopets. I never really mentioned before because I was a wimp, & was afraid that people would point & laugh, 'So old already still play Neopets!' So I always kept quiet. But yes, I've been playing for close to 6 years now & I wouldn't give it up for anything. I've got friends who play too! Darrelle, Andre, Skye, my sister...& all the friends I've made in the guild. They're not all 9 year olds. Strangely enough, the ones in my guild are usually around my age or are mothers/fathers/grandmoms.

Let's see, I've got Ella (who unfortunately had to give up Neo last year though to school), Shaunie (who turned legal & had a funky eyebrow piercing to mark the occasion), Lisa (my fellow Jason Mrazzie), Stacey (who's pregnant - yes, I read your blog, Stace. Congrats!), Man Yie (one of my first friends on Neo), Elif (who sent me a Christmas card 3 years ago, all the way from Turkey!), Mattie (King Mattie, we miss you! Come back!), Christina - Matt's mom (our noble leader), Kathie (I'm so sorry for the loss, Kat. I still remember Russell calling me 'Mdm' as if it was yesterday), Sandi - Kathie's mom, Dusty (the busy daddy), Britt (the crazy tackler), & all the other guild regulars - Amanda, Linda, Sheila, Pete, Lori, Angel, Jatts, Donna x2, Abbie, Yi Bin, Kai Yun, Melissa x2, Sara, Maria, Louise, Sneha, Alana, Angee...too many names.

Ok, that was a whole chunk of stuff that others wouldn't understand. Anyway, it also wouldn't hurt that I'm working for Neo now & it's good to have company loyalty, no? :) I've got plenty of that, no worries!

Anyway, yes! Altador Cup. Same concept as World Cup. 16 different worlds, having to score against their opponents, eliminate them, & then battle to the finals.

& in this case, all players of that winning world will win this trophy! Tadaa!

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Didn't know that the Altador Cup will have equal mounting tension. There're people slinging mud at each other all over the boards. It's crazy. They're all having as much fun making up slogans, making banners, coming up with sarcastic retorts about other teams.

So far, I've been called a fish-stick, & someone kindly told me that she'll make sushi out of me. & one said that we're just fish out of water, can't make it on dry land. Just because I chose Maraqua.

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For non-Neo people, it's an underwater land. & Maraqua's opponent has been whacking us like crazy. They act like they're royalty, but they're more like...peasants. Phooey. Who cares about their fat, grumpy King who demands 2 million jokes every day & hardly laughs at any of them? Maraqua has a posh posh (very atas!) restaurant that you can't get in without reservations! & Meridell has a...a hole where you can pop in for a look. (& to think that the Meridellions said, 'At least we don't eat off hooks.' We don't eat off hooks either.)

Granted, I like Meridell & it would have been my second choice. I almost switched over to Meridell a few hours before kick-off, but decided to stick. & it's just too bad that we have to play each other.

So it's a do or die match between Maraqua & Meridell.

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& anyway, I'm really lousy at the game. It's called Yooyuball & I suck at it. Basically, it's like soccer. Except there's a twist. The balls are of different variations & each variation has its own traits. I'm bollocks at it but my boyfriend...that's a different story. He just picked up Yooyuball when I was at his place yesterday night & so far, he has helped me win 10 times today over Meridell. Not a single loss. Scores of 8-0, or 9-0. Awesome. Now, all I need to do is hop over to his place, display my lack of skills for Yooyuball, wait for him to go 'AIYAH! GO AWAY LAH! I PLAY & SHOW YOU!' & watch him thrash Meridell. In fact, he can teach me! I'm starting to improve anyway. I can actually score now!

& my office has cries of 'SCORE! Kick now, kick now! ARGH ARGH! WHY???!!!!' during the break times. Lol.


& yay! I have the weekend off so I'm gonna laze around & catch up on some well-deserved rest, since the flu bug has seemed to taken its residence in me. I'm coughing, sneezing, having an unstoppable leaking nose & a terrible sore throat. & my head feels heavy so I guess a fever's coming up. & anyway, my poor baby has to work this weekend. I shall sleep sleep sleep & be all refreshed for work again next week! Whoot!

I know this post is basically gibberish for you people who don't play Neo (it's a bit like muggles & the magical folks, no?) but then again, I don't care! :) I'm too hyper (even with the flu) to even bother!

I'm sorry but so far, I love my job! :D

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