Sunday, June 11

I present to you...

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Yes, so what if our goalie is fat & slow? He covers half of the goalpost, & we have all-rounded defenders & strikers! Yoohoo!

85 wins for Maraqua! Ole ole ole ole ole ole! Though not as many as 400+ like those crazy hard-core players on the boards. But still! I did most of them by myself! I'm good at it now! Not as good as my boyfriend's 9-0 but my personal best is 8-0! Close enough!

But I like Meridell as well! Stupid match ups. Why can't Maraqua play some team that I don't like? For example, Kiko Lake or Tyrannia? Bah. Meridell is such a pretty place! Like what Darrelle said, it's very medieval & I like Meridell but since I've been called a sea cow & side dish by the Meridell Meridellians are cheese heads! Haha! Nothing but good cheese! (I feel so childish but it's quite fun & liberating doing stupid things like this.)

Anyway, if Maraqua loses & we're allowed to play for other teams, I'll probably choose Meridell since it was after all, my 2nd choice. HAHAHAHA! What a traitor! :P

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