Wednesday, June 14

I think this is what I called - mighty rage.

Yes, I was in a MIGHTY rage yesterday night, loads of cursing & random outbrusts of frustration & much stamping around.

& it's all because of my bloody modem/router. I'm on now because I'm secretly tapping into my neighbour's wireless. I'm MIGHTY mad because I'm on night shift tomorrow & I thought I might be able to work from home instead of being ALL ALONE in the building at 12.30 AM but since my work requires my own IP to access the proper facilities, I pretty much have to be in the building ALL ALONE at 12.30 AM tomorrow. My freaking shitty modem/router refuses to receive bytes, which have happened many times before. & I know the steps to fix it (because I wrote it down the last time it happened) but infuriatingly, I lost my username & password to access the admin to change my modem/router settings. So I called their 24 hours technical hotline, & was put on hold for a total of 30 minutes because all their operators were 'busy'. So I flew into a mighty rage, slammed down the phone & stomp away cursing at the service.

& then my mom ruined one of my most frequently worn tops. She had to wash it with a shirt which colours run. & now my pink top is spotted with dark blue & I was even more peeved. I was yelling, 'I CAN'T WEAR THAT BLOODY THING ANYMORE!'

& stomp back into my room. & then I picked up the phone to make a call & I dropped it onto my toes. Toes smarting & still seething, I got into a 45 minutes fight with my boyfriend on the phone. & I laid awake letting the rage & anger wash over for a long time before I fell asleep at around 12.30 AM. & here I am, at 5.15 AM, feeling tired & angry.

Why can't anything go right?

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