Thursday, June 15

Yes, I know. After that angry post, I was about to post another, when my connection wasn't fixed even after spending a long time speaking to the technician over the phone. & I thought I could leave for my boyfriend's place to watch Spain play Ukraine at 9 PM but at 9 PM, the connection still wasn't up. So I was really angry & frustrated, & in the end, my dear patient boyfriend took over the phone & took charge of trying to fix everything, while I went to my corner & shed angry tears.

If it wasn't fixed, I would have been screwed. I have to work from home tomorrow (no one would be in the office) & if I didn't have my connection back up, I would be oh so screwed. But my boyfriend fixed it! TAADAA! After 1 hour & 20 minutes on the phone with the technician.

(I'm sorry for being such an impatient & irritable person.)

So we rushed rushed down to his place thereafter & Spain had already scored 2 goals. BUT THEY SCORED 2 MORE! They were MAGNIFICENT! Torres was FANTASTIC! & Spain's usual weak defence was oh-so-tight & utterly impregnable. I would say Casillas was awesome as well but there wasn't much for him to do, was there? ;) 4-0, 4-0! Ukraine got trashed! *dances around* (Was it just me or was Ukraine really not enthusiastic? Come on, a little heat wouldn't hurt anyone now, would it?)

I still remember crying so disappointedly when they got edged out by South Korea the last time round. & also, how I sobbed for hours over the phone with Andrew when Real Madrid (I know, it's 2 different things but ultimately, it's Raul & Casillas. Hehehe.) lost the Champions League to Bayern a few years back.

& how I grinned non-stop for 2 weeks when Real then won the La Liga. & how disappointed I was in Hong Kong in 2004 when Spain could only managed a draw with Greece.

But they were so amazing! & if Spain is gonna continue playing like this (assuming that Portugal, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Italy, England, France & Czech all suck), they can win the World Cup! & if that happens, I promise I'll be happy for about...1 entire month! REALLY! Oooohhh! Spain Spain Spain! Hehehehehe. Just a match won & I'm this delirious.

& Luis Aragones, I forgive you for choosing David Villa & Fernando Torres over Raul. I forgive you for leaving out Joaquin, Guti, Jose Antonio Reyes, & Salgado. I forgive you, really I do! & yes, the penalty might have been wrongly awarded but Spain would have won anyway so there! Bleargh.

My boyfriend & I had a mini celebration after the match. :) Hehe.

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