Tuesday, June 27

Working at home has its perks. I wake up at 7.40 AM to wash up & have breakfast even if I start work at 8. & I not only save on time, I save on transport & meals as well. I either eat instant noodles, or my mom cooks. So I save a lot! & I get to eat as much as I want, & when it's quieter on the site, I can work from the living room (sneaking peeks at the teevee) as well. :) Although of coz', eating a full lunch/dinner & then sitting in front of the laptop with no form of exercise has a way of putting the rolls on your tummy.

But I'm worried that when I start school, I might not be able to work anymore. Afterall, Wendy has already mentioned that they don't have part-time positions, & with my non-consistent school schedule, projects & assignments, I might not be able to find a suitable time to work. I'm getting worried. I'll need to pay for my own textbooks, travel & meal expenses, & all other expenditure. I'll need to pay my dad back for the school fees as well. How am I gonna cope? Sigh.

& of coz', I love my job. I'm afraid that when I lose it due to school, I might not be able to do something as enjoyable anymore. & this job is a stepping stone for me as well, since it's linked to a media company, which my boss had mentioned that I could try out in after a while in my current position.

Anyway, I've been bored, & reading up on the Singapore Idol forum. & I smell scandals! Conspiracies! I LOVE SCANDALS & CONSPIRACIES. I get a good kick out of reading the stupid little cat fights, the occasional crazy flamer, the logical critics, & the crazy stalker fans. It's such good entertainment. & this cracks me up EACH time I see it.

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh my god! You! Shut your trap! Shut up your mouth! HAHAHAHAHAHA! I can't help it but laugh maniacally whenever I see this. She's so...interestingly pathetic.

Oh, don't get me wrong! I don't hate her! I like her as much as I like George Bush, that's all. They're both good for...entertainment value. By the way, if you watched the previous Singapore Idol episode, you might have noticed that when Geraldine was announced as a Wildcard, she hugged everyone BUT Meryl. Which makes for interesting teevee. She just hugged everyone before Meryl & when Meryl stretched out her arms, Geraldine conveniently floated over to Primero. I love scandals.

& Meryl dropped out of the competition due to 'school work'. Apparently, many people are upset at her for costing someone else a chance in the Wildcard. Coz' she's a quitter & a quitter always...quits. No? She not only joined Singapore Idol, she joined ALL the other singing competitions that Channel U had. & dropped out of them as well. I thought her to be a rather sweet-faced girl who can actually hold a tune. But when she dropped out, I figured it might have been more than 'studies'. Geraldine, perhaps. & Jay, who also conveniently bypassed her when he hi-fived everyone. SCANDALS! I LIKE I LIKE! *claps gleefully*

Tis' the Wildcard announcement. Tis' from YouTube.

I'm off tomorrow! I'm going to the beach with my boyfriend & soak in the glorious glorious sun! & show off the new rolls of fats on my tummy! Afterall, my mom never fails to comment on my pear shape EVERY SINGLE DAY. (Which has motivated me to go running...perhaps tomorrow, or the day after, or after, or after...either way, when I pitched my idea of running to Daryl, he promptly fell off his chair & died of shock.)

& if you do see me at the beach tomorrow & my rolls of fats put you off, I only have 4 words for you.

Shut up your mouth.


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