Sunday, July 30

Yesterday was pak tor day! Hehe.

Bee (he's Bee from now on) & I went town to catch Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift, which isn't fab.

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Skimpy story-line, ridiculous challenges, the girl isn't EVEN that pretty, the lead looks like a clone of Paul Walker, Bow Wow speaks funneh, & uhhh, oh, nice cars. At least I got to ogle at my Fairlady. The other cars are just painted too ah-bengishly.

& being the super sweet girlfriend I am, I bought Bee a nice gray Crumpler bag for his 21st birthday.

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So sweet ok? :) Of coz' he likes it. At least he doesn't have to bring around his falling apart backpack any longer. & this Crumpler is SO huge, you can just throw anything & everything in it. It's cute, & I'm actually considering getting a smaller one for myself. Matching bags for school! HAHA! So cheesy.

Bought quite a lot of stuff for myself as well. I think I wiped out last month's pay. Like I said before, I earn, spend, mourn, earn, spend, mourn. Hyuk.

He bought the DVD for the very toilet-humoured Pink Panther, & we went back to his place, watched & laughed our heads off. Honestly, this is really the movie that I see Bee laugh until his face turns red. The show is so stupid, it's actually funny.

Bah. I'm shit-ass lazy now. But I'm a happy person. I got to see my best friend twice in 2 weeks, & we basically spent our time at each other's places & talk. We have never-ending things to talk about! & then I got to go out on a proper date with my boyfriend. & we have the same off day on Friday next week, & he's trying to change one of his off days to Wednesday so we can spend both Wednesday & Friday together next week. It's all rad. & Click is opening! Adam Sandler, Adam Sandler! I'm happeh.

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