Sunday, August 13

Time passes fast when you're having a ball.

Chatted with Bong & Val till 4 in the morning.

It was loads of fun, since we were talking about pointless, useless stuff.

Bong & I were talking about Singapore Idol, some random celebrity gossip, school reunions, bitching about bosses, & talking about travels to Spain & Rome.

With Val, it was more of talking about our codenamed 'Objective Enoyance', & also...the known phrase, 'Stop fraternising with ebil, Valerie!' I like the word 'fraternise'. It makes me feel smart. I haven't felt smart in a long long time. I need to...uh, stimulate my brain.

Right, last Friday, Bee & I went to Ian's place for this really small gathering consisting of the 3 of us, Ian's brokeback date for the day - Andy, Hui Sia & Kian Gap. It was a nice quiet evening where we all lazed around watching teevee, while Ian the chef slogged in the kitchen, preparing all the bbq food.

& we had a chicken feast, of mostly chicken fillet, chicken wings, chicken sausages, & uh, potato salad. Just a quiet barbeque by the pool. This is Daryl's early birthday celebration since Ian would be away on his 21st, & you know, Ian's like Daryl's brokeback friend as well. :)

& we rounded off the great night with a tiramisu cake courtesy of Hui Sia & Kian Gap, & had Peach Chardonnay in classy wine glasses, while we scooped vanilla ice-cream atop our already sinful slices of cake.

I've got pictures but they're all in Bee's phone, so they will come much much later.
Both us had a date at the Science Centre with Sue the T-Rex yesterday. Never thought I'd actually enjoy myself there, since Bee was the one who got the tickets from Starhub, & he was all excited about seeing dinosaur fossils. Although the fossils were mostly casts of the real thing (Sue's fossil is actually in Chicago), I learnt many fun & random facts about dinosaurs!

Do you know that the T-Rex is a dinosaur of one of the latest eras? Stegosauruses were extinct even before the T-Rex was around! & did you know that Sue is the largest & most complete fossil ever found? & oh, apparently, no one knows what dinosaurs do with their tiny forelimbs!

Sue is HUGE by the way. I've got photos too, but I left my camera with Bee. -_-

& later that evening, when we were trying to catch a nap, Bee was being retarded, & he kept jerking his limbs & yelling, 'DINOSAURS!' & made stupid growling noises.

Right, I'm off because there's some sort of National Day Celebration just opposite my block & they've got 'Superstar' (not the one by S.H.E) on repeat mode, at probably volume 396. It's giving me a splitting headache.

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