Tuesday, August 22

So! It's back to work for me again after 3 lovely days of sticking to my boyfriend like glue.

We checked into our Downtown East chalet on Friday afternoon, & had a lovely surprise. Not only did we get a 1st floor room, it was also a corner room where we had plenty of space in the front for our guests. & we only booked 3 weeks beforehand! Space was our biggest worry but that turned out fine.

We went for a swim in their crazy elevated glass-panelled swimming pool (they said glass-panelled but there were only little areas of glass, & I had so readily assumed we would be swimming in a glass box for all voyeurs to gape at). & then we went to Ivan's birthday party, in a chalet about 2 blocks from ours. & it was actually my boyfriend's birthday that day itself! But then again, like I told him, his birthday got postponed to a day later this year. :P

So, Saturday morning! We got up, & his friends shifted over from Ivan's room to ours. & his friends interrupted us just as I was handing mah darling his birthday gift so the moment was spoilt. -_-

The whole partay thing went fine...50 odd people turned up, & we had enough space, & Daryl's friends got the whole bbq thing going (we were worried no one would). But we didn't have enough food! The catered food was so minimal & we under-ordered & I know loads of people didn't get to eat. Well, you guys should have stayed! We had like 6 extra boxes of pizza left & no one was around to have them! BLEARGH!

My parents & my brother showed, & Skye & Ting & Hong Quan showed. :) Thankew to all who turned up, & to those who didn't, WHY DIDN'T YOU? Much thankies to mah Skkkyyyeee who came early & actually helped entertain guests & stayed till late & helped to clear up! You're soooooo nice! You know I bully you but I still love you much.

The cake was pretty too, after my mom decorated it with strawberries, & we had more than enough cake for everyone! So everything didn't turn out too bad.

But my boyfriend had some vodka forced down his throat & he was pretty out of it by the end of the night. He puked, showered, but he was still totally out of it. & he is sick now! He has still got the headache, & a bad throat, so to you who forced him to drink that much, you should feel guilty! *sniffs* My poor boy.

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The cake, as Daryl's adorable little cousin looks on hungrily.

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& my adorable boyfriend!

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With his secondary school friends.

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NCC friends.

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Starhub friends.

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His family!

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My family.

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& last, the almost forgotten me.

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Very unglam photo of me looking on while my hamsum cuts the cake.

& oh, the BIG ASS dampener of the whole chalet was when I lost Desmond's SLR camera. Daryl & I were supposed to bring a couple of his stuff to the chalet first while he went to school & because of all the bags, I forgot about the camera in the camera bag I left on the floor of the cab.

By the time we realised it, it was already 6 hours after that & I made a report at Comfort & all but no news till now. I figured some dishonest customer must have gone by the 'Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers' mantra & took it. May your fingers rot & all your pictures NEVER turning out well!

So I'm officially gonna be $700 broker. Gotta pay him back, & I was really upset about it. I was upset most of Friday night when we realised I lost the camera but I pushed it to one side on Saturday, as I didn't want to spoil Daryl's celebration.

But I'm upset again because $700 is a lot to me. It's 75% of my take home pay, & it could have paid for a short trip to Phuket for 2. & it's like, I'm parting with the money but I'm not going to get anything from it.

But I do know it's my fault for being so careless, so it can't be helped, really. :( Oh wells.

ANYWAYS! My boyfriend is 21! My silly baby has turned 21! When I first met him, he was turning 19, & now he's 21! Well, almost there hun, almost to mid-life crisis! ;) Hehe. But hey, I love you muuuccccch. You know that damn well! :)

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