Monday, August 28

Topic Titles of the Day
peircings don hert

good girls go to heaven but bad girls go everywhere

anyone a cannibal in here? i want recipes.


I'm gonna get eaten by psychos like me! Yay!

I've learnt so much ever since I started on this job.

Now I know too much chatspeak. I am lyK 1337 ZOMG!1111!!!11

Now I know how kids answer stupid questions like, Any boys wanna talk to me? ;) They reply as n00bishly, Ew. Go die. Kthksbye.

Now I know that emo is all the rage currently. They all want to be known as scene. Their photos usually consist of a face with eyes lined by 4 inches of dark kohl. Even the guys.

Emo people are liking Panic! At The Disco (I'm embarrassed to say that I like them & am not emo). Apparently, if you like Panic! At The Disco, you cannot like Greenday or Fall Out Boy. -_-

Now I know that American kids are in love with right now. I've also learnt that when you post photos of yourself up in the Internet, you ought to have salutes, which is a photo of yourself holding a piece of paper with your username on it, verifying that you're not a fake (one who steals other people's pictures & pass them off as his/her own).

I've learnt that the people nowadays are insecure, & they need to reassured by others that they're good-looking. Topics such as, Am I fat? I weigh (insert pounds) & is (insert age), Rate my face! 0-10! & Hot or not? are frequent.

I've also learnt that the younger kids in America are in love with Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana), Zac Efron (The High School Musical), Cole & Dylan Sprouse (Suite Life). I had no idea who they are until recently, I just HAD to check them out. I found out that they're popular tween actors.

I've also realised that there are people who have nothing better to do & pose as celebs. & the celeb most people pose as is Miley Cyrus. Followed by Hilary Duff. Followed by Paris Hilton. Followed by Emma Watson. They love to be self-delusional & go, I'm Miley Cyrus! Get my autographs here!

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I've learnt that kids nowadays are melodramatic. They post topics like, ZOMG!!!!!11111111 or, OHEMGEE!!!!!! or LMAOHOLYZOMGWTF?! or simply, omgomgomgomgomgomg.

I've also realised that there are still silly desperate (better known as despies on the Internet) kids trying to find boyfriends/girlfriends on Neopets. & they're usually...between 10-12 years old. My bf dumped me! :( I need a new bf or, Ladies, neomail me for some 'fun'!

Now I know what preps are. Apparently, people don't like preps, no matter how popular they are.

I've also discovered that almost everyone is a model. They all claim to be so. Anyone want to chat with 14/f/blonde/brown-eyes/cali/model or, I'm hotter than you cos I model!

I've also found out that ever since X-Men III & Pirates of the Caribbean 2 came out, the kids love roleplaying, Teens in Gifted Boarding School, or, PotC RP! Needed: Jack Sparrow. Please join! Anime RPs are popular too, such as Fullmetal Alchemist & Naruto. Although I still haven't learnt what Godmoding or, Mary Sues are. & when people say, I do //, all I have to know is, slash is bad. FxF means female on female, while MxM means, well, male on male. Which is...bad as well, mmkay?

When kids are bored, they're really bored. They send threatening neomails to EVERYONE they see. I suspect you are Kira. You are under surveillance. Blah blah blah. I'll hunt you down.

Also, the kids enjoy stupid jokes. They think they're cute when they make boards like, I've got big (.Y.) Come in! & then when you enter the topic, they say, My eyes are big, aren't they? Or they'd go, Last night, I did your mom... & then when you enter the topic, it finishes off with, a favour. Sigh. They also seem to love Yo Mama jokes & 100 ways to get kicked out of Walmart.

There are intelligent people who come on specifically to spam. They seem to get a kick out of it. They spam, & taunt us. They love to start spamfests. Like when one fella starts a title that says, So the liver goes into the bar, everyone would follow & soon, we had kidneys, spines, brains, adam's apples, lungs, & the entire board is filled up with such titles. They love it. They get excited & go, Spammeh! & take screenshots.

Good example of one crazy spammeh night.

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