Thursday, September 14

I had one of the most disturbed sleep in months. I kept feeling hot & stuffy, & woke up a dozen of times to shift position. & I kept feeling the corners of my eyes leaking, but I don't recall any bad dreams. I probably had about 3 hours of sleep & here I am, working at 8 AM.

I don't understand why I'm this upset. You've said worse things before. You've reacted worse before. (For example, on our 2nd anniversary.)

I just think I'm too tired of it. I had no idea when I'll be seeing you next & you just trooped out of the room with a 'bye'. I said I'd walk you to the door but you were way too fast for me. By the time I reached the door, you were already walking away without a backward glance.

You know how upset I am when we end the day in such a way.

I feel like I'm being treated unfairly, based on things I did in the past. Say, 2 & a half years ago.

& I'm seriously upset. & you called me up yesterday proclaming that I didn't text/call you before I went to bed. What, was I supposed to pretend everything was ok?


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