Monday, October 30

My boyfriend is officially now 2 thousand miles away from me. He has temporarily moved to his godma's place in Pasir Ris, while his own home undergoes an overhaul. Well, at least his house will be spanking funky when they get it back!

Moving is no fun. Too many things, too much dust, too much fuss. But hey, SATISFACTION! To see your life possessions all packed into boxes & plastic bags. Lol.

Dinner at expensive Japanese restaurant again. Hehe. The tatami room gives me leg cramps.

My silly boy & I watched The Prestige a few days back, & it turned out to be good. Yes, it's far-fetched, but it's a total mindscrew & I LOVE IT.


You see, after I finished the show, I kept chasing this thought round in my head, as to which Angier died each day. Was it the clone, or was it the original Angier? But I read the forums & I agree, Angier dies everyday. The clone does not think of himself as the clone. With the exact same memories, ambitions & feelings as the original, the clone will think of himself as the original Angier.

Take for example, when Angier first shot the 2nd Angier after the machine worked. Who was killed? Was it the clone, or was it the original? If you look at the perspective of the shooter, you'd think that when the machine worked, the clone appeared at the other end of the room, & he shot the clone. But to the victim's perspective, when the machine worked, he was TRANSPORTED to the other end of the room & was shot by his clone.



So. Are you watching closely?

Anyways, my silly baby (who is sick with what I suspect is an infected throat, thus causing the fever) might be coming over to stay tomorrow! His godma's place doesn't have enough rooms & when his sister is back in Singapore, he ends up with no room (save for the dusty attic). So I told my mom about it & she said he could come bunk in with my brother. :) So he'll be here on the nights his sister is in Singapore, & back in Pasir Ris when his sister is on flight. Whoopee doodle daaayyy!

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