Saturday, November 4

So, I've had my fill of my boyfriend for the past 4 days. He stayed over, but we didn't uh, spend quality time together since he bunked in with my brother. But good enough. Being able to kiss him good morning & good night is a dream for me.

& it's a relief that he doesn't have thalassaemia minor. Because I do, & if he does, there's 25% chance that our kids would be thalassaemia major, & 50% chance that they'll be minor.

But he does have something called haemoglobin J, which, according to the hermatologist, is special. It's some sort of mutated blood, which so far, doesn't seem to have disadvantages. There's talk that Hb J allows the carrier to endure low oxygen & high pressure. It's a trait that is seen most in divers.

& there my silly boyfriend kept proclaiming to me, 'I'm a mutant! HEHEHEHEHE. LOOKATME! I'm a mutant!'

We watched his show, The Guardian, which turned out better than I expected. The moment the movie started, I settled down comfortably, preparing to doze off. But I didn't get a chance to. Coz' it was far more interesting that I thought it'll be. Bittersweet ending though. Not my kind of ending.

Boyfriend didn't allow me to have Pastamania. Eargh. Angry.

Boyfriend is also intent on trying his hand at a job that requires him to meet 7 times before his actual stint, take a personality test, take an exam, & only pay him commission. I know, he's crazy. I don't like the sound of the job, & told him so, but he said he wanted to try so we'll see then.

I'm rather excited coz' we have plans lined up for next week. Sentosa! Vivocity! The zoo! :) I HEART the zoo. I can't wait!

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