Monday, November 6

Reply to tags (don't wanna clog up my tagboard)

Brianna: We're schooling at MDIS. :) Taking a degree in Mass Comm.

Manda: The prawn juice was RED in colour. I honestly looked like I was some psycho killer.

Val the Duapai: Don't have 5 heads lah! Don't exaggerate!!!

Darrelle: We had to learn...arts. As in, paintings, sculptures, architectures. BORING like anything. :(

Ayu: Thank you for the wishes! :)

Danielle: You could have yelled our names. Hehe.

Gabrielle the Dancer: GAB! -hugs- Oh, little Stephanie is my classmate. She's the happy classmate who's ALWAYS smiling. Lol.

Sam Toh: See lah! Go Canada study lah! Faster come back then can explore Vivo City! Who ask you go so far away. I want maple syrup. Heh.

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