Thursday, November 16

So last week has been a whirlwind of fun. Well, not exactly but I went to the zoo & to VivoCity so I got what I wanted!

Zoo was fabulous as usual. I LOVE the zoo. It's so much fun just trooping along with your boyfriend, looking at all the animals. I strongly discourage the tram ride. What's the point if the tram ride just whizzes past, & you narely catch a glimpse or two?

My boyfriend is in love with crocodiles even though I think alligators are better-looking. I reckon he's aiming to be the next Crocodile Hunter. CRIKEY!

& we went to both of the animal shows, & it seems like the sealion is still doing his 'shark' stunt. Sealions are soooo cute! So are dugongs! & oooh. I would LOVE to have an otter for a pet. But they smell really bad since they mark their territories with 'anal secretions'. Ewwww. But they're such adorable things, & the way they swim! I have this video of a couple otters swimming a few laps buuuuut, I'm too lazy to upload them so words first, pictures & videos in on

& I wouldn't say no to a Meerkat as well. So cute ok? They have sentry duties you know? & it's so amusing to see this Meerkat sitting ramrod straight, gazing into the distance. & my boyfriend found out how to distract the Meerkat on duty. He would take the folded map we had, & then suddenly flash it open. & the Meerkat would jerk & turn to us. It was terribly funny!

Anyways, we spent like close to 5 hours at the zoo & by the end of the day, my legs were totally busted but we've seen almost all of the animals! :)


We went to VivoCity a few days after the zoo trip & we took my brother. & he was totally ecstatic because he didn't have to pay a single cent that day. It was an all-expenses paid trip, by yours truly & of coz', my boyfriend. Lol. The bus ride there was horrid. It took about an hour+, & it was a bumpy ride.

We had Pastamania for lunch (my boyfriend protested but it was 2 against 1 that day) which I paid for.

& then we went to Candy Empire where we went crazy but ended up only buying a couple of chocolate bars, including one really huge slab of Willy Wonka's Whipple Scrumptious Caramel Delight. Oh, how I love that name. My boyfriend gallantly paid for the chocolates (which weren't cheap after all).

& then we watched Flushed Away which I paid forl. Well, we wanted to watch The OH in OHio but Daryl decided to take my brother out as well & we couldn't watch an M18 show. -_- My brother wanted to watch The Covenant but it received quite a lot of rotten tomatoes (51 rotten tomatoes against 1 fresh tomato, in fact). So we thought we would have to watch The Prestige again, which I honestly don't mind. But we chose Flushed Away instead because it was children-friendly (although it's not like my 14 year-old brother is a child) & none of us has seen it yet! & compared to The Covenant, Flushed Away has only 23 rotten tomatoes against 81 fresh ones.

& boy, I was quite glad we chose the movie. It turned out to be really quite enjoyable after all, even though I still don't like the animation (sort of clay-ish). It was Hugh Jackman (whom I've seen a lot of lately - Oklahoma!, Scoop, The Prestige, this, & soon enough, Happy Feet) & Kate Winslet as the voices of the leads, & the plot is actually really cute. The slugs are funny in a 'what-the-hell-are-those-stupid-slugs-doing' way. & the detective frogs are funny. Especially the mime. We laughed really hard at the crazy mime. :)

& then we had Sushi Tei for dinner, which my boyfriend paid for. & it was quite an expensive dinner, but at least it wasn't too expensive. We thought it'd be like 3 times the price of Sakae but it wasn't. It's around the price of Ichiban Boshi so it was all good. & we then took a cab back to my home, where my boyfriend was bunking over for a week.


& I'm all the way at Prison Break Season 2 episode 9. & it's horrid. They're killing off people I actually like. Just like Lost did when Lost killed off Boon. #$%^&*!
I'm going to pop by Daryl's place tomorrow with him to see how the renovations are coming along, & we may ACTUALLY get to go paktor-ing tomorrow! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

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