Friday, October 13

Ok, UPDATE! I know, I've just been way too lazy for my own good.

School has started, & my boyfriend sits next to me in class, & everything seems to be going swell, save for the fact that the very first module bores me to tears. & I'm an arts idiot so basically, I have absolutely no clue what is going on half of the time. Especially today, where we had to go to the art museum for a 3 hour tour. I can't understand 3/4 of the art pieces. I think neither can my classmates coz' most of us were doodling turtles & horses & random things on our notebooks & attempting to sell them as 'art' as well. Honestly, some of the pieces there were...odd. They seemed to have been drawn by say, a 6 year old. & oh, my class is really quite cool. I like my class! :)

& uh, as an early birthday present, my boyfriend has gotten me my very own Crumpler as well! I HEART IT! I've been bringing it to school almost every day, & it's so big & spacey & I can fit all kinds of rubbish in it! & we have matching bags! AHAHAHA! So cheesy.

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Can't seem to find the one with L.

& we went to the gala premiere of Death Note thanks to Skye. & we watched the movie with Ericia Lee & Shaun Chen & Priscelia Chan & Julian Hee & Benedict Goh & those Superhost people & MiLuBin. The movie is not bad, except that the casting for Light is a poor choice. L is fabulous though. & I can't wait for the 2nd movie but for now, I'll start with the manga all over again & watch the anime! Heh. (Death Note is like the ONLY manga & anime I enjoy.)

& I met Julian today! After so damn long, I've finally met up with my twin. (Happy Birthday anyways, Julz!) & he still spouts gutter language (punctuating every word with 'cheebye' & calling everyone 'motherfuckers'), walks like an ah beng, & still has a face that says 'fuck off, world'. Although he insists that he's trying to not be like that, it seems that he hasn't been trying very hard indeed. But like what I told, he can be as fucked up as he wants & I'll still heart him coz' when I knew him, he was already like that & he knows that I will be cruelly blunt & nasty to him if he deserves it, which he does 80% of the time. LOL.

& yippeee yay. We have an architectural tour tomorrow, which my enthusiastic lecturer has scheduled at 9 AM. At Tanjong Pagar. That's like how far lah. & we have to walk walk walk under the goddamn sun. Kns. But if I'm tired, I'll just make my dear sweet boyfriend carry me. You will, won't you? :)

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