Friday, March 16

I'm shit bored. I've rehearsed for my presentation tomorrow, & am looking for something to do (that doesn't involve politics or history, I've had enough of them). So seeing my current obsession with TV series, I'm just gonna do a little checklist. YES! Date-able Characters! Muahahahah!

Let's start with, the men. I've got them off the top of my head for now. Both lists are in order of hotness, people!

Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie)
House M.D.
Yes, he's not all that good-looking. He's scruffy, unshaven, & has a don't-give-a-fuck attitude. But it's his wit & sarcasm that just make him oh-so-charming & attractive. I'd take humour & wit over good looks anyday. & his cynical & bitter take on the world makes you want to make him see that the world isn't so bad after all. It's like...forbidden fruit. & he's a top-notch diagnostician! That makes it even better. You never have to worry about contracting some fatal unknown disease & dying before you get cured. 95% of the time, Dr. House manages to save his patients. If you're in the 5% he doesn't cure, you're very very unlucky indeed. It's a one for one thing! He comes with a cane. & guess what? He looks really cool with it.

Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller)
Prison Break

I don't think much of his acting, since he seems to maintain one expression throughout the entire series. But he portrays the silent & intelligent guy very well indeed. & he has compassion. & those eyes. They have this...hypnotic effect. Those deep-set blue eyes. Very intense stare. & very very good-looking indeed. I agree with 8Days. You just want to make him happy, since he looks like he's permanently stressed.

Hiro Nakamura (Masi Oka)

Couldn't find a picture of him with his scrunched up hamster face. Anyways, WHO DOESN'T LIKE HIM? Everyone I know who watches Heroes love him. & I do mean, EVERYONE. He's just the adorable geek-next-door who tries so hard to please, that you can't help but love him. & I agree with that crazy fan on the forum. I think he'll make an adorable pet. You just want to cuddle & feed him.

Chase (Jesse Spencer)
House M.D.

Terribly nice guy, cute to boot as well. What's not to like? Though he's a bit of a walkover for House, who bullies him almost every other day. But even then, he remains composed, & tolerates House's sarcasm & verbal abuse.

Peter Petrelli (Milo Ventimiglia)

Because he has the most awesome powers. Because he's Sylar's equal. Because he's the ex-nurse with the big big heart. Because he risked his life to save a cheerleader, who was a stranger to him. & because he's cute also lah.

Sawyer (Josh Holloway)

Sawyer - cunning, unscrupulous, yet at the same time, maintains his charm & witty one-liners. Manages to look good stranded on an island with no grooming. Thought of adding Jack in this list too but he got on my nerves when he became all 'mightier-than-thou'.

Now, for the ladies! Woohoo! The girls are a fine fine selection, I tell you. Totally ogle-worthy, even for the straightest girls. I believe every straight girl has a closet lesbian dying to get out anyways.

Kate (Evangeline Lily)

I liked her less when she started manipulating both Sawyer & Jack. But she's undeniably hot. She looks absolutely gorgeous with messy hair, a ribbed tank, cargo pants & barely any make-up. A woman like that must look drop dead stunning when she's all dressed up. & come on! There aren't many female celebrities who can boast of being look-able sans make-up. I've seen photos of female A-listers without the war paint. & they look like death visited them. Twice.

Nikki/Jessica Sanders (Ali Larter)

I wanted to find a photo of her which portrays her character in Heroes. But when I saw this picture. Gosh. I'd be crazy to pass this up for that photo which doesn't show the best (or most) of her. Yes, she scares the shit out of me as Jessica Sanders, but as Nikki Sanders, she's a hardworking mom (even if she's a stripper), trying to earn enough money to provide for her son. As Jessica Sanders, well, she can rip apart a man in bed. & I mean, literally. How hot is that?

Lisa Cuddy(Lisa Edelsen)
House M.D.

For a woman her age, she's beautiful. I even place her above Cameron, because Cuddy's the one lady who can put House in his place. Their banter suggests unresolved sexual tension, & their chemistry is electrifying. & she's a Dean of Medicine. She's a BEAUTIFUL Dean of Medicine! That gives her bonus points.

Cameron (Jennifer Morrison)
House M.D.

Cameron has good taste. She knows what she wants, & she is determined to have it. Or can I say, she knows who she wants & she takes intiative to ask him out. & ohhh. Have you seen the actress in Stuff? My god. She siiiizzzles. Check it out! & she got engaged to co-star Jesse Spencer (see above, he's in my list too) last December. Now, a good-looking couple! Nice. :)

Claire Bennett (Hayden Panettiere)

Just because she's the sweet-looking cheerleader to save. Save the cheerleader, save the world.


Prison Break hasn't produced any note-worthy hot ladies. The show's female lead (Sarah Wayne Callies) isn't even that pretty. She's pretty in that photo but in the show, there's just something weird about her face. Daryl thinks she's a bit cock-eyed. LOL. Heroes does have a rather drool-worthy cast. Characters like Nathan Petrelli, Isaac Mendez (or E-zaku, as Hiro would call him), & even Sylar himself fall into that category, although I don't like their characters enough to honor them as date-worthy. As for Ugly Betty, well, I do love Betty but she's just Yes, she's funny & all but her outfits are too over-the-top. & Daniel is too much of a womaniser, even though that he is pretty cute.

& after making this list, I realise that only 3 of them (Jesse Spencer, Jennifer Morrison & Hayden Panettiere) are considerably young. The rest are probably in their 30s or so. Heh. Guess I'm now into the mature, intelligent, sexy type instead of teeny-bopperish cute.

Ok, I've managed to waste some time! Time for politics & history again. Pft.

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