Thursday, March 15

So TNP has called & said they're gonna publish my letter.

Well, SMRT better make some form of...I don't know, compensation. After all, they've ruined my jacket, left my shoes, jeans, undies & Crumpler with ridiculous oil stains (which look like permanent wet patches). I am very very angry indeed.

My Crumpler is 5 months old, & still looks nice & new, & Daryl bought it for me for my birthday last year. I took good care of it, kept it out of the rain, wiped away any flecks of dirt, & treated it like my baby.

Now, it has 2 ugly oil patches on the front. The oil patches are a darker black then the rest of the bag, & I am VERY ANAL. Ask Daryl, my mom & even Ho Ting. I wouldn't wear a top if it has a tiny little dirt spot which wouldn't go away. I always scrutinise my purchases carefully before the cashier rings it up.

& to have 2 oil stains on my Crumpler is causing me a lot of distress. I love my bag. But I get very frustrated when I see the oil stains.

& of coz', my suede slipper (just the left one) has a huge oil spot on the toe area, & it can't be washed away. It's SUEDE.

& my jacket is COMPLETELY ruined. It's a beige-coloured jacket, now decorated all over with oil stains. Ironically, my jeans, which had the BIGGEST oil stain (I sat on the oily chair & basically, absorbed the oil with my butt), seemed to look fine after wash. It's there, but it isn't obvious with the different shades of blue on the jeans.

So there. A $1+ bus ride which ruined about $180 worth of merchandise. (The Crumpler itself is $90). & spoilt my day. & spoilt the day after when I saw the oil stains. & it's continuing to spoil all my days after when I see my beloved Crumpler with oil stain.

Sam, is MAD as hell.

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