Monday, March 5

So apparently, when I set out to get something, I get really quite upset & disappointed when I come back empty-handed.

According to sources, the Sembawang Music Centre at VivoCity sells House Season 2 DVD box set, & my boyfriend wanted to get me this Adidas sportsjacket I fell in love with 4 months ago as a belated Christmas present, & I too, wanted to buy the DVD for Little Miss Sunshine, so it was a happy happy me who headed to VivoCity yesterday.

& of coz', we had Pastamania for lunch which contributed to a positively glowing me.

& then at Sembawang Music Centre, I was crushed. They only had the VCD set for House Season 1. Apparently, Season 2's not in yet. & the DVD for Little Miss Sunshine was sold out. I was quite devastated, honestly. I was looking forward to getting my paws on House Season 2. I can imagine the scenario when I get the DVD set. I imagine my glittering eyes as I hold on to the coveted box, & then THE BOX GLOWS. So it was a blow to me when they don't have it. I was mildly cheered up when I realised they were playing Jason Mraz: Live at the Eagles Ballroom on the big TV screen on the display.

& so we went to Adidas to get my jacket. & guess what? It just wasn't my day. It was sold out. & probably will never be stocked again. The staff there told me that they have a new range/season coming in so I can give up hope on owning the beautiful red jacket. Well, he didn't exactly say that but I felt that.

& so, I was empty-handed, angry, devastated & itching to spend money. So I dragged my boyfriend to Levi's & bought him yet another pair of Levi's boxers. It's the 3rd pair I've gotten him so far. I was DETERMINED to buy something. & at least he can model it for me later on in a private show. :)

& the day became better when I went to Video Ezy & found the DVD for Little Miss Sunshine. Checked, one.

& because my boyfriend owed me a Christmas present, he bought me the DVD set for Prison Break. Which made me quite happy. Since I was gonna get it sooner or later too. I've become a collector of DVD box sets. Of coz', only the shows I like. Lost, Prison Break, House, & soon to be, Heroes.

So my hunt for House M.D Season 2 continues. I need a dose of House soon, or else I'm going to go crazy.

On another note, Ugly Betty is pretty good. (Stop it, Sam. No more teevee for you!)

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