Friday, March 2

My mummy had a great fall on Wednesday night. & I do mean, a great fall.

So there she was, 12 midnight, & she went to the toilet. & apparently, after she was done, she just sort of...blacked out. She must have keeled over & fallen face down. There was no warning, no spinning of the room, no precautionary symptoms or she would have held out her hands to break the fall.

When she awoke, she thought she was lying in bed. She felt cold, realised she was lying on the cold tiles, & went to get a drink. Then she realised her head was throbbing. A peek in the mirror shocked her. She has a HUGE bump which covered 3/4 of her forehead. & apparently, it was 3 AM. She was out cold for 3 hours.

& my daddy is the pwnsome sleeper. He didn't even hear my mom fell! Nor did he realise she disappeared for 3 hours. -_- My mom woke him up, & he wanted her to go to the hospital but she refused, coz' the baby was still coming in 4 hours.

& so, we all went for loh hei with the usual family friends yesterday night. & my mom went in shades. At night. In a shopping mall. A big part of her forehead was smattered with reddish bruises. Her left eye was swollen & bruised, as if someone punched her in the eye. But apparently, the bruises don't hurt. Her head hurts, as that must have been where she injured herself.

This morning, she came into my room & I had the greatest shock. The bruises have spread & darkened. They're now a glorious deep dark purple, tinted with black. The skin around her left eye is totally purple, & the bruises have gone east & south. Her right eye has the beginnings of some bruises, & her nose bridge is swollen & purplish green, & her cheeks are tinted with the bruises too. Very scary looking.

So my dad just brought my mom to the hospital. Gotta find out why she would just knock out like that with no precautionary symptoms. & my mom told my dad that the doctor would probably ask her whether she wants to apply for a Personal Protection Order. Heh. She can still joke about it.

Pretty worrying though, isn't it? My mom isn't exactly in the pink of health. She has low blood pressure, thalaessaemia, has some sort of acid reflux, tummy problems for which she has been operated on before. So it's sort of worrying for us all.


On another note altogether, I have some sort of pore inflammation on my right cheek. It's like a blackhead/zit. BENEATH MY SKIN. What the fuck am I supposed to do with it? It was small & didn't hurt but yesterday, it swelled up & now it's protruding & hurts like mother. I've tried squeezing but nothing happened. It's beneath the damn skin. I'm tempted to poke it with needle of sorts. Let whatever it is in that damn skin bag ooze out. Gross.

I think I just succeeded in grossing myself out.

& I have my exams tomorrow & here I am, blogging, & I'm going to try poking the stupid inflammation again later on. :)

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