Monday, April 30

I had forgotten how much fun I used to have with Dennis (my ex-husband) & ZhangYang (my 'brother'). & I am so glad we met up. It was nice, & it was a hell lot of fun.

Dinner was at Fish & Co., & I shared a Seafood Platter for 2 with ZY coz' I'm not a fish person. & we chatted. While mostly, Dennis & I chatted, coz' ZY was too engrossed in his food. It's scary how much food a skinny person can pack.

& then Dennis drove us down to Chinatown for karaoke. Very fun, even though the room was TINY & the teevee was equally TINY & the room wasn't very well-ventilated. We were joined by a friend of theirs & boy, can she sing! So can Dennis. But they didn't make me feel uncomfortable not being able to hit the correct notes & all. In fact, one of the best karaoke sessions I had. Them doing silly impersonations, literal interpretations & Dennis playing high-pitch backup singer to ZY. & of coz', I will never forget Dennis doing that Elva Hsiao song. It was gay, & sides splitting.

Crazy ZY sang Hokkien songs & some Malay song (for me, he said). & it's the first time at a karaoke that I sang more English than Chinese songs.

Classics like 'Ironic' & 'Sunny Came Home' & 'Last Kiss' & all those Mariah Carey songs, coupled with Dennis & ZY's screaming rock songs like 'Open Your Eyes'. Which had very irrelevant MTVs, loads of tribes, dancing dalmatians & what not.

But it was very very fun. Despite a lot of smoke (both of them are chimneys) & having an unpleasant experience with my mom over the phone on my way home. Worth it, I say. The next time we meet, I'll make sure we have pictures. Such a pity that ZY left his camera in Dennis's car (parked FAR FAR away from the karaoke).

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