Thursday, April 19

So I caught Smokin' Aces with my baby & his colleagues, & it wasn't great.

Too many characters thrown together in a haphazard plot, loads of mindless shootings & unnecessary blood spilt.

The ending was bad too. The twist at the very end was a little like, 'Oh, we gotta end this thing. What we have up to now so far is lots of violence, blood & gore. You know what? We owe the movie goers much more than this. Let's throw in a twist!' It was a random, out of the blue & pointless twist which just leave movie-goers very unsatisfied indeed.

& to add to that unpleasant movie experience, there were 2 EXTREMELY irritating Indian middle-aged men behind me & Daryl.

You know the frog in the snazzy suit from Meet The Robinsons doing that jazz number at the beginning of the movie? The frog sings about annoying movie-goers, & those 2 fit the bill perfectly. The men randomly kicked Daryl's seat which made the entire row vibrate.

& the MOST irritating thing ever, is that both of them took turns to be blind/deaf at some point of the movie, allowing his partner to re-enact loudly & unnecessarily.

Random snatches of their VERY loud conversation:

Man 1: "Oh look, he's that guy, the one without fingers!"
Man 2: "Oh, he's going up he's going up he's going up! He's gonna kill them all!"

Thanks, but if I wanted a running commentary to go with the show, I would have asked.

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