Thursday, April 12

So after much hesitation, my boyfriend decided to get himself an MP3 player to while away the time he spends on the bus to & fro work.

Nope, he didn't want an iPod like most of us. He wanted a music player which has FM radio. & he had his eye on the Samsung YP-K5, which is rad with a cool slide-out speaker. But after having a feel of it, he realised it was too thick, & the speaker was attached only by a thin hinge. & of coz', after I countlessly reminded him what a careless/violent guy he is (I can't count the number of times his phone crashed to the floor) & the speaker would probably be detached from the player in a couple of months, he changed his mind. So he got the Samsung YP-K3 instead.

It's exactly like the K5, albeit without the speakers. & it costs an amazing $318 (I paid half for him as a gift, since he bought me my iPod Photo 20GB a couple of years back) for just a 4GB player. & it doesn't come with a charger. You can only charge it using USB via the computer. You have to buy the charger separately at $39. Which was a little ridiculous.

Anyways, the Samsung K3. Yes. It's so slim, it's illegal. The design is very LG Chocolate-ish, except that the LG Chocolate lights up red while the Samsung K3 lights up blue. Love the design, the colour, the contours & the size of the Samsung K3. Unfortunately, the surface is easily smudged. Horribly so. Even if your hands are scrubbed clean, just a slight tap on one of the buttons & there's a print there. The sample that the salesguy at Audio House showed us was totally covered in hundreds of prints.

Another thing is, Samsung software doesn't categorise songs into Artistes, Genres, Albums & so on. But those are the more major hiccups in an otherwise brilliant music player.

& well, & of coz', the fact that it's a Samsung. I've never trusted Samsung much, ever since my previous cellie went nuts, & my teevee lost the melody it used to have when switched on. It had such a wonderful little tinkling when it switched on but within a few months, the sound was gone! :( How about that?

Edit: I forgot to touch on the sound quality, which is the most important thing for an MP3 player. -_- Anyways, the sound quality is brilliant. The salesguy let us listened to the Creative Neon & the Samsung K5 beforehand, & the Neon had slight distortion, while the K5 has virtually no distortion at all. & since the K3 uses the exact same technology as the K5, the sound quality is the same. My boyfriend was amazed by the bass. Once you plugged in their odd-shaped earphones, you're deaf to the outside world. :)

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