Thursday, April 5

A phone conversation with The Boyfriend just now, when he was half-asleep.

Him: Maybe on my next off day, we go bird park. Ask Skye, Stephanie, Anais...-voice trailing off-...
Me: But Stephanie is having a high fever leh.
Him: ...Yuen Hong...Yan Xun...-mumbles some other names-...Paula Abdul...Jennifer...
Me: EH!
Him: Huh? Ask everybody!

Me: So we go to the bird park next week lah, see how first.
Him: Why you want to go Boat Quay?
Me: No, bird park.
Him: Why?
Me: See birds lah!
Him: Why you want to see birds?
Me: Coz' they're pretty!
Him: Whose birds?
Me: Uh...every kind of bird.
Him: Why are they there?
Me: Coz' people catch them.
Him: Who catch them?
Me: Bird-catchers.
Him: Where are you going tomorrow?
Me: Huh? So random. I'm not going anywhere.
Him: I want to see kois.
Me: Huh? What? Where?
Him: Bird park.

Me: Ok, you sound really tired. I should get off now & let you sleep.
Him: Ok.
Me: Goodnight, love you.
Him: Whose tie?
Me: What?
Him: Whose tie?
Me: What tie? Oh, never mind, I love you, buhbye.

I think my poor boyfriend is overworked. :( I'm not even seeing him much now. I'm perhaps spending only one day a week with him. Sigh.

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