Monday, May 14

I'm officially left with one grandparent.

I have never had any grandfathers. Both of them passed away even before I was born.

& my maternal grandma passed away yesterday early afternoon, on Mother's Day. It was quite untimely, since we brought my mom out for dim sum in a famous restaurant & we were halfway through the meal when the call came from my uncle.

It was a sombre meal thereafter. My mom didn't cry, but she looked sad. Which is understandable. Afterall, the one who passed away is her very own mom. Her eyes were red, but still, she didn't cry.

My parents packed up & left for Malaysia shortly after we got home. My dad came back later that night, while my mom remains there.

We all think it's for the best that my maternal grandma has passed on, since she had such a hard life. Although at age 71, it was a tad too early. She had been suffering from all kinds of illnesses. She had bouts of depression decades ago, she has diabetes, a weak heart, and had been senile and wheelchair-bound when she was a mere 63. She could barely recognise any of us. At times, she couldn't even recognise my mom.

Then when she was placed in a nursing home, she was so badly abused she went partially blind. My uncles brought her back but as everyone was working, there just wasn't anyone to look after her. My third uncle, who is incredibly patient, became my maternal grandma's full-time caregiver. He cooked for her, fed her, bathed her, cleaned up after her, & took really good care of her. He sacrificed a lot and I'm amazed by his patience. He's still a bachelor, & he stopped work to take care of my grandma, who had degenerated into a child. That is a lot of sacrifice.

Anyways, I'll be uncontactable from today evening till perhaps late tomorrow. I'm heading in with the rest of my family later today.

The one thing I can give my mom now, is the black & white picture I took of grandma for my PhotoJourn. Perhaps, it can be a Mother's Day gift to her.

& I'm left with my paternal grandma. & she's already 95.

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