Tuesday, May 8

As July 21st looms nearer, I can feel myself getting more & more delirious. I'm about to wet myself with excitement.

I can just picture the scene. As the staff hands the book to me, the book is surrounded by a warm orange glow, & I reach out to hold it, & the camera angle pans above me, & I'll hold the book & twirl around & around & around, giddy with happiness. & perhaps, I'll cry in ecstacy.

Ok, maybe not so exaggerated. But I WILL probably cry reading the book. Knowing that there is no more to look forward to. No more adventures. No more queuing at 6.45 AM to get the book. No more fanatic me. Characters dead. I will probably weep quite badly. Like I did in Book 5 & 6.

I plan to disappear off the face of the Earth on the 21st. No school, no work, no phone calls, no MSN, no nothing. No forms of communication at all while I immerse in the glorious glorious wonders.

Such is the power of magical adventures.

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