Sunday, May 27

So. The long-awaited third instalment of Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End. All that hype. I'd love to say that it was fabulous & all that jazz & that I absolutely loved it.

But it bombed. It stank.

The first 2 hours was torturously draggy. I had to keep shooting glances at Daryl to make sure he was still awake. I wouldn't have blamed him since I was that close to slumber-land too. The first 2 hours was full of ALL of the characters double crossing/triple crossing/betraying/& what-not each other. It was over-done, & made to be extremely confusing indeed. It almost seemed as if the director tried too hard. A lot of talking & all action make them very boring pirates indeed.

Calipso was made to seem like a very important link which could have done so much more. Instead, she was underused, & she disappeared soon enough.

Sao Feng was made to seem like one of the prominent characters in trailers. His total screen time was probably 15 minutes.

Jack's father appeared for all of 3 minutes. He seemed to have been thrown in...just for the sake of it. His appearance didn't help to move things along, nor did it reveal any emotional depths or whatsoever.

Again, Jack Sparrow was a redeeming point. & Barbossa too. Both of them were great, but even their chemistry & humour & fab acting could hardly make up for the 2 hours & 45 minutes long show.

I should have seen Blades of Glory instead. :(

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